Preston_Clive   Preston_Clive wrote
on 3/5/2015 11:25:49 AM
If anyone is looking for a quick and to the point jump start to their writing skills and techniques, particularly as pertains to writing online, you might want to check out a series of free webinars that are being sponsored by IdealMedia and WhoTrades.com, and are being hosted over on Olanola.com. THE FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP will be a series of curated web-based classes that will feature full class interaction via hosted webinars, video hangouts, and one to one messaging during downtime with the host Preston Clive, staff daily columnist and Op Ed writer at all of the above mentioned organs of the media. To enroll or learn more, visit the sign up page: http://preston-clive-direct.olanola.com/blog/43952266808/More-On-The-Upcoming-Webinar:-Writing-In-The-Digital-Environment

MjMartin   MjMartin wrote
on 7/18/2013 8:49:15 AM
Publish your book on createspace.com free of any charge at all. see your book on amazon.com up for sale. it can all be done with a pc/laptop and interenet connection.

sumthing2say   sumthing2say wrote
on 5/20/2012 3:26:22 PM
Hello, I'm the kind of person with with sumthing to say. So I decided to start writting the things that are on my mind. You'd be surprised

citylife17   citylife17 wrote
on 12/10/2011 4:53:35 PM
I am a new writter only a beginner I started writting poetry back in april and short stories for children ..united press kept on sending me letters saying that they were pleased to publish some poems but I soon found out to my dismay that it was a publishing scam and i got discouraged as I couldt afford the fees also they were only publishing my poems in the books I purchased .. I do hope to be published one day because it is my dream..

preciousam   preciousam wrote
on 9/10/2009 3:13:29 PM
preciousagwiyo@yahoo.com Hello Dear My name is Precious and i am a beautiful young girl with faithful, loving, tender and very caring. I am seriously looking for relationship leading to any thing. Today i saw your profile and i love it, i think we can write together.please i will like you to contact me through this my mail address (preciousagwiyo@yahoo.com) i will like to show you my photo and at the same time you will know more about me.please do not reply from the site, once again i hope to hear from you soonest .And lets share our fellings with each other THANKS.Miss Precious preciousagwiyo@yahoo.com

FX777222999   FX777222999 wrote
on 7/25/2009 12:57:06 PM
Right now, I'm a member of online community where I developed my writing. I have a "rough draft" of my first fiction novel in a drama genre, based on a True Story. I am using the first person POV. any constructive suggestion/s or comments. By the way, I am newcomer with this kind of trade. English is my second language, and I'm confused in the usage of tenses from the beginning of the draft up to the end. I appreciate your kind contribution. Thank you.

slallman2002   slallman2002 wrote
on 6/28/2009 9:52:17 PM
I'd like to find out the best way to get my poetry published. Can anyone give me a few pointers?

Delilah_Dunn   Delilah_Dunn wrote
on 1/16/2009 9:51:22 AM
I'd like some advice on the naming of characters and its impact on the story itself. Thanks!

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