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Author Tecoa T. Washington, B.Sc., M.A.

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 Welcome to my site!  I encourage you to visit my home site www.tecoawashington.com and listen or read chapter one of Medieval Bedazzle.  Experience the rebirth of great bards such as Chaucer, Dante, Keats, Ovid, Milton, Shakespeare and many others in this ancient tale that consist of many MEDIEVAL BEDAZZLE(s). 

“One of the most talented writers I have ever had the chance to work with. Awesome caring artist that pours her heart & soul into the story.”
— Rob Brandi on Feb 12, 2012

Jerolyn E. Blackshear

"Delightful sound effects, and a pleasure to listen to on many levels: powerfully moving story, fascinating historical perspective, compelling philosophical insight, and mesmerizing characters."- Jerolyn E. Blackshear 

Penelope R. Gaylord

"Unique and imaginative characters. Truly inspirational designs that will leave a lasting impression on the reader." - Penelope R. Gaylord

 Midwest Book Review

History isn't always the whole truth and nothing but. "Medieval Bedazzle" is a novel about a historical cover up, concerning how the truth of history around Shakespeare's time is threatening to ruin the careers of some historians. An English King's true legacy is called into question; opposing Shakespeare all those years ago may have cast a nasty light on him that is undeserved. But the fallibility of one of history's most beloved writers makes the truth unappealing, and it's up to a single young physics teacher to call who is right--the bard or history. "Medieval Bedazzle" is an intriguing spin on the world of Shakespeare, highly recommended!

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Asian Princess (Member): 

Bedazzling piece on king Richard III 
I read this novel because this highly interesting author was on facebook. I saw her status as being, "Tecoa T. Washington is excited that her novel is being released on Saint Patrick’s Day giving her further reason to celebrate. There really is a rainbow... What a lucky treasure!"
This had caught my interest. Tecoa Washington is an author I wonder what she writes. So I contacted Tecoa directly on the site and she explained to me what inspired her to write the novel and referred me to her website---www.tecoawashington.tw. I was able to listen to chapter one which played while I was looking at pictures of the characters in the gallery. The website was done simply beautiful. As I listened to the audio clip, I was so enthralled by the writing, I purchased the novel. I have to admit that it has been quite sometime since I read something so intriguing and challenging. I recommend this new authors work to anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to "BE DAzzled!"

Monte Marlowe

"Medieval Bedazzle is a treasure and a masterpiece. With breathtakingly extensive original research, it is beautifully written, in a style both inviting and impressive. It is the fruit of an successful project that Washington undertook in an effort to reintroduce science history and literature to the canons of students in schools world wide."
writing phantom
Well, if Tecoa's novel has sparked your interest enough that you're taking a look at her profile, then you deserve a reward! Let me give you a taste of what Tecoa's novel has to offer. Shall I....? Why not? Here is an excerpt from her novel Medieval Bedazzle... Available at theonline store-- http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-60604-499-5

“Speak French to me. No, speak Spanish. No…”
Raising a suggestive eyebrow Richard’s way, I locked eyes with him.
“Rather, my dear sir, speak Arabic.”
I giggled, saying the last word naughtily, the way Richard might sound if he were speaking Arabic to me.
“Whisper in my native language the romantic words of love. Let thy tongue roll forth its red carpet and welcome me to your sweet lips. Hold me, my king.”
I took hold of Richard.
“No, please, hold me tighter. I yearn for that powerful feeling, like that of a rushing heat wave, in which the warmth is my security. Your fragrance is so strong. Richard, may I kiss your neck? May I touch your face? I wish I could just stare into your eyes all evening and unravel the mystery lingering in your mind. If I had a penny, I would give you one for each of your precious thoughts. But, then again, that could destroy me. It might bring me to a quick reality, along with a new realm of feelings regarding Edward.”
I pull away from the embrace as a tear rolls down my cheek.
“This is an unhappiness I choose not to discover…”


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