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WritingRoom Author Robert Smith
Stay Hungry
Date of Birth 07/10/1967
Gender Male
Location Canada
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    • Robert Smith hails from Prince Edward Island (off Canada's east coast). On this small island where ocean waves drive hard against red cliffs, where a redhead named, Ann haunts the house with green gables, where red potatoes, red lobster and red foxes rule, Robert was born.
      He was born into the Generation-X cohort (aptly named by Canadian Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X—Tales for an Accelerated Culture).
      With fears that the sandstone island might soon melt into the Atlantic, Robert finished his studies in Information Technology and moved to Canada's capital (Ottawa, Ontario).
      Work-life started with network administration. Network design and network security lured Robert from job to job, after that. He then landed a position managing a digital forensics team, supporting investigations. He has not looked back—except when he hears “those voices”.

      Robert draws on his experiences and from his time supporting investigations to develop characters based on the strange human behaviors he has observed. He writes thriller novels and the areas of the thriller genre that interest him most are: Psychological; Suspense; Horror; and Crime/Detective.

      His first work, a short story called Breakfast is Severed, captured third place in Inkitt’s thriller writing contest. He followed that up with a novel called Society for Supper. That novel ranked number one for thriller novels on Smashwords just after its release. It then flirted with the number two spot on Amazon’s suspense/thrillers bestsellers list during a promotional giveaway. He released both works under the pen name, TyCobbsTeeth.
      After spending the better part of his creative life working with visual arts, he immersed himself in writing. Robert says he has always loved getting lost in a good novel, but once he tried his hand at writing one he fell in love with it. He loved the release, and being able to lose himself in the story, yet will its direction. Creating scenes, developing characters—and then destroying them—were a new rush for him.
      Soon after he finished Society for Supper, he penned What Lies Within. He will release the novel What Lies Within under his own name, and it will be available soon.

      If you enjoy thrillers, stop by to see what's brewin'
      Book one in the series, Lies, will be available soon.

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      -Stay Hungry,
      Robert Smith

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Stay Hungry
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