Midnight Broadcast: Ch. 1 Excerpt

First off, this is just an excerpt of the first chapter, which I felt was too long to post in full.  Not to mention, I want you guys to want more, so I have to tease you a little. ;)  If you DO want more, just message me, and I'll let you look at it.  I think it'll be obvious, but just to clear up any confusion, this is a dream sequence that the main character, Kenji, is having.  Also know that this is the first draft, so all constructive critique will only help to make it better in the final drafts!   Thanks guys!  - Blaine


            Gun smoke.  His lungs choked.  Kenji gasped for air, forcing his lungs to breathe.  A cloud of poisonous gas surrounded him, filling his body with toxin.  His legs felt weak.  They gave way, unable to support the weight of his body.  His breathing was erratic; his face bright red from the lack of oxygen.  He couldn’t see; the cloud was too thick.  His hearing was shot.  He was losing his sense as fast as he was losing his senses.

            I have to get out.  I have to escape.

            Kenji, mustering up what little strength remained in his body, crawled, fighting to exit the cloud of eminent death that encircled him.  Seconds felt like hours; inches felt like miles.  He finally edged out of the cloud for what seemed a millennium. 

            Fresh air finally entered his nostrils.  He sucked it in gratefully.  Feeling returned to his body, life being restored to him.  Kenji finally relaxed, resting momentarily onthe concrete floor beneath him.  It was soothing, the cold-to-the-touch stone cooling down his body after its overheating, struggling to survive.

            After what felt like hours, he finally arose from the ground.  He stretched, finally recovering feeling in his body, if only a little.  However, his senses were still marred.  His sight had returned, only to be received by a world of gray, numbing his sight and losing his perspective.  His ears ringed, obstructing his hearing.  Slowly, he moved his body forward, willing his legs to move one step at a time.  His body was getting used to the rhythm of walking again.  Progress finally was being made.

            He walked for what felt like forever.  Nothing in sight:  no buildings, no signs.  There wasn’t a trace of life to be seen; just thick, gray fog.  It numbed him completely; he felt completely lost. He had no sense of moving forward, no sense of direction.  It was maddening.  But he pressed on, there had to be something, anything to all of this.  There just had to be.

            He was about to give up.  After what felt like forever of just walking forward, his senses failing him, Kenji saw no point in continuing his meaningless trek through the fog.

            Then something appeared.

            It could’ve been his imagination, just wishing for anything outside of the monotony of this bland world; but it appeared.  A speck of green glared through the fog.  Hope invaded his thoughts.  It refreshed him; a newfound energy surging through every inch of his being.  He raced toward the new visage.  The closer he got, the more and more green started to appear.  It wasn’t his imagination; there was actually something there.  He sprinted toward the area – he could see now that it was grass – hoping to find something beyond the fog.

            And that he did.  Though he wished he hadn’t.

            He had raced to the patch of grass that was right behind a mourning party, turning his relief and hope into grief and regret. A handful of people, draped in all black, stood in front of a family grave, weeping silently.  Each person varied in age:  a middle-aged couple, several younger people in their twenties, an elderly woman and a young boy.  The elderly woman held one hand over her face, trying to fight away the tears. Her other hand was placed firmly on the young boy’s shoulder in what seemed to be an attempt to comfort him, but it looked from his view that it was more for herself than the boy.

            That was about all he could see though.  He was unsure if it was the fog – which hadn’t cleared – or his sight still failing him, but for whichever reason, he couldn’t make out the faces or any distinct features of the group, despite only being a couple dozen feet away.  Whether it was his curiosity or just his desire not to be left alone in the monotonous fog again, he approached them slowly.  Now only a few feet away from them, he tried making out their features…but couldn’t.  The people standing around were still as muddled as they were when he was farther away.  They were faceless.

            Swallowing the immediate feeling of shock and horror, he decided to glance over at the gravestone they stood around.  To his fright, the name that read in the kanji on the fine stone read “Sanada” – Kenji’s last name.

            He let out a loud gasp, a sound of air being forcefully released, but no sound was produced.  He couldn’t; the fright, the confusion had taken his voice away.

            Finally the people reacted, slowly turning to face the awkward sound of his throat struggling to make noise.  They truly were faceless.  No eyes, no nose, no mouth; no indentions, no distinctions, no marks.  Just clean, oval shapes remained where a person’s face should be, like an unfinished sketch of a portrait drawing.  Except for the child’s.  He turned around the slowest, almost forcefully pulling himself away from the grave site.

            As strange and terrifying it was to see the faceless beings, the sight of the child snapped his brain.  It was him:  Kenji Sanada, just as a child.  Tears streaked down his face, showing no sense of surprise that the older version of him was watching his tragic display of sadness.

            Cold sweat ran down his face and back of his neck. His pupils dilated.  His heart started beating rapidly.  The hairs on his arms stood up straight; Goosebumps covering all of his skin.  His body trembled involuntarily; whatever senses or psyche he had maintained was gone. All that was left was a shaken sight, a destroyed sense of smell; a numbed sense of touch, his hearing replaced with nothing but a tormenting screeching sound.

I have to get out of here.  I have to get out!

Kenji turned and ran; a mad dash away from the sight of the child.  He no longer cared about the fog.  He welcomed it.  So long as he could get away from that grave, he didn’t care where he went.

He closed his eyesand lowered his head, exerting all of his energy to running.

I have to get away!  I have to! I have to escape!  I have to-

Before he could finish his thought, he found himself no longer running, but instead spiraling in air.  After being suspended in the airfor a half-second, he crashed to the hard pavement below, banging his head against the unforgiving concrete.

He blacked out momentarily.  After several minutes, he regained consciousness.  Holding his head, he slowly lifted his shoulders off the ground, looking at what he tripped over.

It was two corpses.  Two lifeless human bodies lied at his feet, their bodies soft from decay. Their faces were unrecognizable, mutilated and torn from hundreds of cuts.  Their bodies were punctured by gun wounds and stab wounds.

Finally, Kenji was able to let out a piercing scream before the swirling mixture of gray and thrashed mounds of peach skin and red blood became nothing but an empty blackness.


With a jolt, Kenji opened his eyes and jumped in his own seat. He breathed deeply, trying to control himself.  He looked around to see that the dreadful gray world that had surrounded him before was now replaced with the drab white of the inside of the shinkansen – the bullet train.  He looked over to his right to see a girl staring at him, about as surprised as he was in the situation.  He reddened a little, made an apology and looked away.  His heart was still racing.

It was just a dream.  Again.

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Busybody   Busybody wrote
on 10/26/2012 4:37:21 AM
for the DOA part, i think the correct term is DOS-dead on scene. the story's cool, though. oh and could you help me read my mystery? its untitled for now but the 'title' is chapter 1. thanks!

AzureFaith   AzureFaith wrote
on 5/26/2011 4:18:15 PM
Thank you for your kind words! I truly appreciate the feedback!

JmlB   JmlB wrote
on 5/26/2011 11:51:51 AM
Thankyou, Loved every word, I loved how the description just continued to build up more and more. And the use of short sentences to break it up was a perfect choice. It really painted a picture in my mind. I liked the sentence: They were faceless. Again very good piece of writing.

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An excerpt of the first chapter of the Midnight Broadcast. It's a dream sequence, which was the main point of the story. It introduces our protagonist, Kenji, as well as foreshadows a future conflict in the story. All constructive criticism is welcome!
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