How Weight Loss Could Hurt Your Studying

Losing weight is supposed to help you gain more energy and feel refreshed in a day, but more often than not, people seem to feel fatigued instead of energized. That poses a problem for more than half the population who at least try one dieting strategy every year. The fact is that weight loss should in fact give you energy, but there may be aspects of your lifestyle that are preventing you from getting that energy when you need it. If you are going to one of the best online colleges, you need your energy to study properly. Making simple adjustments may improve the way you feel in the day, and it could improve the results you get from studying. Here are some of the common causes of weight loss fatigue so you can assess a solution for yourself.


Far too many people nowadays get worked up in their workouts so much that they actually overwork their bodies. You have to pace yourself if you want to see steady but gradual results, for example - write about hills like white elephants analysis from It may not take much time to put weight on, but it takes a bit to take it off. Focus on 30 minutes of exercise a day or less until you build up the stamina for longer sessions. A half hour is all you need to keep your body healthy and energized.

Lacking Calories

One of the biggest dieting rumors is that you have to cut calories to lose weight. While a calorie reduction is a good idea for the common fast food dieter, the fact is that your body needs calories to stay energized during the day. Instead of minimizing the amount of food you eat in a day, try to minimize the calories in the foods you eat. You can eat tons of fruits and vegetables and still be on a low calorie diet. This will give your body the energy it needs without derailing your weight loss goals.


Water is important for just about every part of your body. It makes your skin healthier, your heart more efficient, and your body skinnier as a whole. Drinking the right amount of water in a day can improve your circulation, metabolism, digestion, and countless other activities that impact your weight loss. Try to drink two glasses of water before every meal to stay hydrated and energized at the same time. This will actually make you think better, which will obviously improve your studying abilities. In some cases, water will do a whole lot more for your midnight cram sessions than Monster energy drinks will.

Insufficient Fat

You may think it would be stupid to consume fat when you are trying to lose weight, but that may be a reason for your fatigue. There are good fats and bad fats that you can consume, so make an effort to eat the right foods so your body has the fat it needs. Fish, nuts, avocados, and seeds all can provide you with the good fat your body craves. Giving your body good fat will help it absorb nutrients better and give you the best possible chance of staying alert during the day. (as said these guys:


I would never suggest that you should avoid losing weight because it can in fact make you feel and think better over time. This article is merely meant to point out some common mistakes to avoid. Rather than making your school work suffer as you lose weight, you should take steps to ensure that you reach your educational and bodily goals at the same time. If you can get your weight loss in sync with your energy needs, you will be much better off in the end.

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