I finally was moved to the Annex for minimum security  There is a golf course, rough, not cared for, made out of a field.  I would walk with my friend and watch the birds, particularly the swallows, as they flew around the course.  It was exciting how the swallows would skim across the ground and not run into me or anything else.


 I sit beneath a tree, hearing nature's sounds.
Creatures of the air I see, flying all around.

 For when in nature a sound is heard, a song, a call or a cry.
Most of the time it's made by a bird, Unseen by you and I.

I watch the swallows in strafing runs flowing over the ground.
Catching bugs or just for fun, at speeds that will astound.

 Then the robin stands so proud, like he's waiting for a sign.
A lighting stab of his bill, provide a worm each time.

 The old black crow sits on the fence, watching his world go by.
Nothing seems to make much sense, with caws, you'll hear him cry.

 With a snooty look the gull, always wants to eat.
When it comes to raiding the garbage, this critter can't be beat.

 High above the trees, the majestic eagle flies,
The king of all the birds, awesome in his size.

 Some times if you're very still, the humming bird comes by.
In vivid colors and burst of speed, I wonder how it can fly.

 What would it be like if all the birds were gone?
A walk in woods, silent, of nature's gift of song.

 The trees would hang their boughs and sadly wonder why,
The forest plants would surely weep, the clouds would surely cry.

 So my friend, take the time, perhaps you've never heard,
A melody quite so fine as the love song of a bird.

6/90 MICC annex



penname   penname wrote
on 3/21/2009 12:13:12 PM
ditto lionhearts words. this is meaningful on so many levels.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 3/21/2009 2:54:02 AM
Scooke is right for I thought the same thing. Has much deeper meaning and it made me think about it. "Use what talents you possess. In the woods, all the birds that sing there sing their best".

scooke2093   scooke2093 wrote
on 3/20/2009 5:14:30 PM
i like this poem alot, As i first started to read it I thought it was just a poem about birds but as i kept reading and getting deeper into the poem i realized that you are maybe describing your life, or maybe other peoples lifes, its like the birds begin to take the form of humans. I like this poem alot, looking forward to reading more from you, keep it up. Steven Cooke [=

Lionheart   Lionheart wrote
on 3/20/2009 1:20:14 PM
Doc Livingston....As a nature and bird lover this poem appealed to me very much. Great write in my opinion. Thanks for sharing. ~ Lionheart

writing DocLivingston
Things will be fine in 2009.
We must take the time in 2009.
Let our feelings shine in 2009.
use words that rhyme in 2009.
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