I wrote two poems for two different people.  One for Larry and one for Danny.  Each of these people had been helpful to me in their own way.  After I had given them their own copies it occurred to me that what I needed to do was merge both poems into one. Once more I used the, "You're my friend and I love you," to close the poem.  The world would be a much kinder place if people, especially men, were able to express their love for one another.



If everyone on earth

could have a friend like you

We could banish war,

We'd have better things to do.


Perhaps you'll never know,

Then again perhaps you do

Understand the special haven

My feelings find in you.


I try to put on paper,

In words the way I feel.

Yet, somehow it's not enough...

Your friendship is so real.


Perhaps it's not for us to know

The why, the who, the how.

All that really matters is

The bond of friendship now.


When I feel low

And tears will dim my eyes

I know I'll find in you

A friend that is so wise.


Wisdom that comes not with age

But from life out on the streets.

Wisdom like this I do not have

A challenge I cannot meet.


And when our time together

Has run down to the end

I'll know that I am better

Because you've been my friend.


We know our lives are different

We don't know what fate will send.

But, for now, I'll say I love you. Why?

Because you are my friend.


8/90 MICC


StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/5/2009 4:15:16 AM
I agree with Scooke. This flowed well with the emotion of a person who is grateful for a good friend,which is so hard to find.

scooke2093   scooke2093 wrote
on 4/3/2009 5:51:24 PM
This is a very intelligent piece, I enjoyed every moment of reading it, you stick the the same rhyming pattern throughout the whole poem and it flows nicely, Keep u the great work.

writing DocLivingston
Things will be fine in 2009.
We must take the time in 2009.
Let our feelings shine in 2009.
use words that rhyme in 2009.
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