The story of the stones, or parable of the rocks

The story of the stones, or parable of the rocks


I have three rocks.  It does not matter what kind or where they are from.  They do have to be separate colors, white, brown, black, or red.  I know, that’s four rocks, still don’t matter.  They should be small rocks, easy to hold.  Put these rocks in the palm of your hand and look at them.  Really look at them.  What have you got?  Three or four rocks, right?  We can see that the colors are different but they are still rocks!  You can roll them around, push them together, move them apart and they are still just rocks. 


If we look very closely at these rocks we will begin to see differences, the shape, texture, composition.  The closer we look, the more difference we see.  Yet, over all, they’re still just rocks.  If we use these rocks to fill up a hole any difference in the rocks will not matter.  If we use the rocks to make cement, then the difference will matter even less.  If we use these rocks in a surface display, like a mosaic, then we come to realize the difference and use it to enhance the overall effect.  But never forget they are still just rocks in the palm of your hand.  If we crush them as fine as can be and mix them up we have sand and there is no difference at all.


Why can’t we look at people this way?  It does not matter what color or shape they have, they are still people and have value wherever or however they may be.  To find difference you have to look very close, but unless you have a special need what difference can it make?  You are still dealing with people. And if you reduce them to their smallest components there is no difference at all!  Wouldn’t this be a better world if we could all be aware that, regardless of how we look, basically we are all the same thing. 


JUNE 1991

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 3/2/2009 4:39:58 PM
Great message you tell here. And i like the example you use. If more people would take this attitude and see others as their equal, then we would have a whole lot less problems in the world. And I mostly agree with Dreamingontitanic's message, though he put it in his own way. War exposes the foulness in man,especially racism in all it's forms. On a side note, please read my poem "Love One Another (The Stupidity of Racism)"

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There are so many ways we are creatures on the same planet and need to work as a team.
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