Welcome to Manhood

The quarter-life crisis. You’re probably thinking these are dark times. You should wrap it up. Go home. On the contrary ─ This is a test. A big one. One of many you will encounter throughout your life. Welcome to the first step to manhood.

Nobody taught you how to become a man. So you never became one. You fucked up again and again. You regret it. You learned. And became less dumb. But then you met her. Timing couldn't be any worse. They say: “ Don’t get in a relationship until you’re ready and independent”. Something like that. You just finished university, you have no job and no money. You’re angry, you’re bitter, you don’t really like yourself. The future is looking a little hazy. 

It wasn't booty that dragged you in. Nor necessity. It was a purpose to be. Cause it’s not about you, it’s about her. She needs someone she can talk to, relate to and make her laugh. Someone like you. You need to be more alert, on the tip of your toes, plan ahead, step up your game. This couldn't be a better time for commitment. In fact, it’s a small one. But you should do it, because you’ll be surprised at how much you’re willing to do ─ just to put smile on her face.

Is this a testament for your love of simplicity? Possibly. She’s an ordinary girl. Big blue eyes and a heart of gold. And fuck is she smart. You shouldn't feel threatened, but rather challenged. There’s hope in humanity. Just talking about her makes you miss her more. You offer to drive her everywhere so you can spend the most time with her; you lend her clothes so you can smell her scent afterwards; and spotting her hairpins on the bathroom sink makes you smile. These are all enough reasons to make you do more.

So hang on tightly, cause there’s more to come. She’s the one worth suffering for. Step up to the plate. Welcome to Manhood.

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writing Genaro_PC
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