Who? "stay at home mom" What? "guitar" Where? "local pub"
All I could hear were my footsteps as I walked towards the stage. The room fell silent, eyes all staring at me. Just before my foot reached the step I turned my head and looked at crowd. Drunken, broke, jobless men without a single goal in life all stared back at me. They had all gathered here that day as normal to forget all their troubles and pretend as if life had magically faded away even if it was just for a few hours. Many still knew deep down inside the harsh reality that would hit them the next day and they'll be right back here the moment it did to carry on this endless depressive cycle. Among them I could recognise some familiar faces all of which being divorced dads. My neighbour was amongst the crowd in a dark booth stirring his drink whilst keeping his head down and hidden. These poor men all with their own story dwelling in this dark damp pub drinking their problems away.

And then there was me. Emily Brown. One kid. Husband. Non-smoker. Non-drinker. There I was on this gloomsome friday night trying to make a difference at least thats what I hoped. I haven't had many goals myself so i set myself the task of putting a smile on some of these faces and try to make them wake up to life and help them gain a better futur. Putting a task before onself is hard indeed but achieving it is just as challenging.

When I was younger I was the same as them. I had no goals. No kids. No life. I used to sit at bars hoping someone would pass my way and buy me a drink and then hoping life would go on like that. Then one day I went out in the real world and saw what I could accomplish. It occured to me when I was playing a gig at a pub about 10years ago. I was just doing it to earn a few bucks here and there but there was something better in it for me that i had no idea about. An agent came in that day and got me a ten year contract with her. From her knowing and longing for me to do better I pulled up to the top and smelled the fresh air. Ten years past and it occured to me it was time to visit back to the place that got me where I am.

I Knew now.All these men lacked something. It was faith. They had no faith in themselves. Sadly they were oblivious to the fact that the person who had the most faith in them was standing there the whole time, but they couldn't see. He is there spark ready to light off when they are ready, once they want an adventure. It is him inside them reaching out, all they have to do is reach right back at him. All that these men needed was someone to introduce him but in the end it has to be them who will light off the spark. That is my goal in life.

I came to the center of the stage took the mic and smiled. I recieved many warm smiles back...

DazeofMyth   DazeofMyth wrote
on 8/30/2010 10:06:13 PM
Remarkable insight for your age! I like it, keep it up!

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 3/20/2010 10:42:09 PM
Hey, Your story reminds me of the thought that "the masses of the people live lives of quiet desperation." I thought you described their despair well. Elton

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