The notebook
Who? "garbage man" What? "notebook" Where? "prison"
"Agrr! I've already told you to quit doin' that! You're making me lose my concertration! What number was I at?..It was 40 something wasn't it?
" Err.. how does I know? You know I dunno nothing but my own name and even that I have to write down on a piece of paper." He stopped to scratch his head and then he popped his head over the bunkbed to look down at his friend who was still counting with his hands whilst banging his head. " Where did I put that paper eh?"
His friend who didn't care the slightest bit continued to ignore his friend.
"What is my name?! I dunno who I am! Eh Charlie how come I dunno nothing".
" Harry, please stop it I'm trying to work out more important things! ...I've got it, today itis now 430 days since we have been in this pit. Doesn't that make you feel better to know that Harry, that many days of our lives are nowwasted!"
" Oh stop complaining. You got me eh? Ain't I something? You know you're my bestest friend. I dunno noone else as kind nor so clean!" the chubby man bursted into a fit of giggles as his somewhat rude joke.
" Didn't I tell you not to crack jokes jokes 'bout my job no more! Well my old job now, but at least I had a job!" he shouted as he stood up from his bed and walked over to the sink to wash his face.
Harry sat up on his bed swinging his legs back and forth whilst humming. Charlie rolled his eyes, he could never stay angry with Harry because whenever the conversation went really bad he would forget everything that had just happened. The alarme went off indicating dinner. The two men walked out from their cells and joined to line.

"Sam you got my message?" whispered Charlie.
"Yeah I got it" replied Sam.
" And?".
Sam slipped the package into his pocket as discretly as possible. In return Charlie slipped him a packet of ciggarettes. Then they both shook hands as they entered the dinning area. Harry looked as Charlie with a blank look as he always did not knowing anything that was happening. After the singing the national anthem they all sat down to eat the mush that lay before them, the mush of the unknown!

"Thanks Sam".
" Twas nothing, anyways I got the better end of the deal", he said whilst patting his inner left jacket pocket.

The evening went on and soon the men were found back in their cells. When the lights went out Charlie took the package out of his jacket as quietly as he could. He then pulled off the string to find the most amazing notebook that he had ever seen with a pot of ink and an ink pen bearing magnificent feathers. The rustling woke Harry and he popped his head over the bed to look at his cell mate.

"What ya doing' Charlie?", he asked with his eyes widening as he saw the beautiful deep blue handmade notebook. Immediatly after he tried to grab it from him in his excitance.
"Harry, calm down, here have a look" he said soothingly.
" Tis' real handsome eh! Where d'ya get something like that? eh?".
"Sam gave it to me, he owed me so I asked him for a writing set", he explained.
Harry returned the now precious item and settled back into his bed. He fell in to a deep sleep snoring, grunting and rustling around to find the perfect sleeping position. Sam stroked his notebook under his pillow, it was now his only possession.

Then next morning Harry woke in a startle to find his companion scribbliling away with he tongue out in utter concentration.

"What ya doin'" he asked, streching his arms in the biggest yawn ever seen to man. This question occured many times and Charlie had now got in to the habit of ignoring his friend so this he did.
"What ya doin'?" he repeated slightly frustated.
"Huh? ..Oh I'm just writting really, you know just thoughts and stuff".
"Don't look like it, looks like you're pretty concerntated to me, look you've got your tongue out and everything. Must be 2 o'clock in the morning and here ya are writting".
"Well, its so I won't forget. Everyday I waste in this pit I forget more of normal life and my brain turns into mush, look what happened to you, well this time I'm not going to forget nothing!I'm starting from the first day I entered this hell place".

Harry gave him a bewildered look and then shook his head in agreement with his friend.

"Hey Harry can I ask ya somethin'? Well I'm gonna too whether you say yes or know! Why ya here?".
"I guess it's 'bout time ya knew anyways.Well truth is, I know ya won't believe me but anyways here goes, I robbed a bank, I needed the money, well my brother did so he asked me to get him money and quick, being a garbage man as you know, I myself had little money to offer so he came up with the idea to rob a bank. So I did, he knew I would of done anything for him because of my love I had had for him, but when I was on my way out he was there with 10 tens pointing an arm at me. Yep, thats right, he turned me in, into their clutches, the bastard."
He turned to see Harrys reaction to this story but found him sleeping. He walked over to him and tucked the blanket around him.
"At least I got you Harry",he whispered looking at him with a warm smile.
"At least I got you Charlie, my bestest bud', he rolled over to face Charlie and asked "You are my friend right Charlie?".
"Course I am. Would probably kill myself if I didn't have ya!", he reassured his friend.
" Don't know no-one as kind nor no clean", he chuckled to himself.
The two men coninued to bask in each others happiness. No matter what happened in this dark sorrowful place they would always know they could look to one another and delight in each others light of friendship. They would have each other til the end of the end. They now could look back upon moments like these in the years to come with their special notebook holding many treasured memories. Friendship can never be broken for it is bound tightly together with love, the most powerful weapon of all.
Charlie walked back over to his seat surround by papers. He gathered them together and opened his notebook.
"Day one..." he began.

hitchensian   hitchensian wrote
on 2/6/2012 5:40:15 PM
What a wicked brother!

bunyas99   bunyas99 wrote
on 6/6/2010 1:48:55 AM
To me it shows that strong friendship can uphold two people together even in the harshest of conditions such as jail, and what small things can do to make that friendship even stronger.

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 6/5/2010 4:32:50 PM
What a reminder of the plight of men in prison, no matter how much deserved the sentence! Elton

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A short story giving a glimpse into the strong friendship between two men...