Lost Memories

  Danny pulled out his long black table out in the dark room. She gently placed a large rectangular sketchbook, a clay eraser as well as a hard one, three pencils and a small radio. Danny took out the black satin ribbon from her back jean pocket and put up her long black hair. Twelve hours in a small room with dead colors and spirits, she needed this release. Now she was ready. Ready to create a whole new world. Danny turned over the new pages of the book and took the pencil to paper.
  She began to lightly draw shapes at first; circles, rectangles, and lines. Finally it began to form- the world that lived inside the harsh reality that Danny lived in. There were curved building, trees bear covered in a light pink snow. She began to breathe with the pencil, living through every careful light stroke of the pencil then with the colors of a paintbrush. 
  Danny closed her eyes as she stumbled with the finished painting into the glass room. She kept her eyes closed as she placed it on the floor then walked out. Finally after so long she could rearrange it, her world, her memory. She walked back into reality, into her kitchen and began to make breakfast. She had pulled yet another all nighter. As she cracked the eggs into the pan, she felt arms wrap around her wait. "Morning, Honey. Did you sleep okay?" She asked Adam her husband of 3 years. 
  He kissed her neck and hugged her tighter. "I would have slept better if you had been there. You never came to bed but I heard you come in early last night. What happened?" "I finished the last one." Danny said in a calm voice. Adam let her go. "You finished them all?" he asked with an undertone of worry in his voice. "Yeah I can't believe it the single memory I have from my past is all played out on canvas. Maybe I can find my parents, who I was?" She said  excited now. "What if its not what you think it is? Can you handel that? You've been doing so good these last two years. Finally getting into a normal." Adam said. 
  Danny looked at him with suspicion and saw the guilt covering his face. "What are you hiding?" She demanded. Adam stared at her with cold eyes, swallowed loudly, then said, "Why do I need to be hiding something to want to keep what we have? Its good Danny. WE'RE good, why isn't that enough?" "Don't try to turn this on me? You know that wanting to know who I am and what happened is more important to me than everything else in the world!" She screamed at him. Adam's expression turned into complete sorrow and guilt, Danny could see the tears forming in his eyes. 

 Danny stared at her husband with a cold hard look, she knew that he knew something. He had found her in the woods, it seemed that she was left for dead. Covered in bruises and bleeding from her eyes and mouth, even now she was afraid of crying because she didn't know if blood would come out instead of tears. He had been her savior, the one person that she knew completely, or so she thought. With him she felt safe, it was the only time she felt safe. He helped her; find a job, make a resume, find what she liked and didn't, know what she was good at, all before they even went out. She couldn't turn on him, couldn't leave him, it would be the same as betraying him. She went past him took the key to the room with all the pictures, locked it, then broke the key in the lock.

 Danny turned to Adam, "I love you and you're right. We'll look at it when we're both ready. Deal?" He smiled warmly, wiping the tear that had fallen from his face. "Deal." He said then kissed her gently. The matter was resolved, for now at least. It was a compromise the curiosity that Adam has with her past would soon consume him and they would look at it together. "Soon." She would tell herself as she woke up every moring. Danny would say "Soon." more and more as the months went by, then the years, until she forgot completely about the paintings. 

  Adam won, he could keep his secret, and he could keep it to his grave. He won a bride with the game and would do anything and everything to keep her.       

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Short Story
writing LBlack406
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