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"Get not near him!" a voice from the far distance broke the silence. He stood there behind the bars of justice as she leaned forward to take a closer look at the what so called a criminal. She was dressed in white as she slowly opened the gates of freedom and freed the prisoner. She then took his hand, he grinned, as he lead the way dashing through the dirty hallways seeking the door that leads to the outer-world. She felt a strange feeling, as if someone was watching her, that is when fear controlled her and she let go of his hand dashing in the opposing direction. Without hesitation, he hurried after her, taking his-self back to where he longed to leave until he caught her arm, and within a blink he had his hands around her hips, lifting her tenderly to rest her body on his scared shoulder. He started to run, imagining the freedom that awaits him and the heavy weight that rested motionless on his shoulder...You could see her smile...something was on her mind. After miles and miles of endless running, he saw a dim light in the distance, but before his mind can even comprehend she grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the shoulder. He knelled releasing her due to the pain, and as he looked up to see her face, her smile grew wider , her eyes darkened as she scarcely held the knife in her right hand. "M'lady! Are you hurt?!" he yelled. "No, are you?" her ice cold voice replied. "It's not of importance, it must have been an accident, now let us make our way, together!" She clutched on her knife, narrowing her eyes "Together you say? You deserve not freedom, couldn't you hear them beg me not to free you?" "I heard no one m'lady, now let us go!" "You're lying! They where there! I've heard them! Do not deny it or i will cut your head off!" He quivered"M'dear, I am a man of honor, i do no such thing as lying.." "A man of honor you say? And what would bring a man of honor to prison?" He could not speak, she already had him as a hostage, pressuring her knife slowly but steadily on his throat. Vivid thoughts entered his mind, he could see his fate.. He could imagine him self... staying still in her hands as her cold voice broke the silence"what is it you want? Freedom or death by the hands of your savior?" With tears in his eyes, he would hound his final cry and take a one way ticket to the land of no return. Murderer, she was a killer. But hope broke through his imagination, and he saw another vision of his fate.. With rage and sudden anger he would push her hand and body away in such a great force throwing her body on the ground as the knife make its way through her lap. As he will stand to run towards his freedom he would be able to hear her pitiful cries of help for him to turn around grabbing her from her arms making their way towards the outside.... She too was a prisoner , in a white empty room, she was a patient, she was mad. She had lost her sanity living in fear until she broke, not only boundaries, but herself and others as well. As for him, he was innocent, he took the blame and gave his freedom away for the sake of his family.

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Short Story
writing Lunacy
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This short story describes how I'm feeling lately. It speaks of a small incident that occurs between a young prisoner and a youthful women.
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4/23/2014 12:00:00 AM
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