From the beginning of time until the end of days

Dance and be free, but forget not the burden!

There to bear every tear that falls free

There to marvel each soft, simple pleasure

Oh, to be the witness to every secret!

Soft as silk yet rough as granite,

pearls and sands, feathers and nails. 

Easy and complicated, familiar but alien.

Eyes for the blind and love for the stone hearts.

The most powerful language in all the world

Is something never taught, yet is learned. 

There are no words that express as much.

Hush now, the time has come

to beg for forgiveness, or favor

Say nothing and tremble not!

Why are you so afraid? 

There is hope for those stripped of faith.

Take a deep breath and take the chance

Something new and exciting

Doesn't have to be frightening

Although if it weren't, you wouldn't want it so.

Watch, learn, and do it again tomorrow.

The ultimate pain of love

that glorious, beautiful sorrow that draws you in

Is it not wonderful to lose your breath and your head,

In a confusing dream from which you cannot wake?

Isn't this what you wanted? Isn't this what you asked for?

Toil and servitude, constant slaves

to serve what isn't understood

Blood, bruises, callous blisters

Who are we to know the whims of kings?

To grace the lives of the young and the old

Oh, what stories indeed there are to tell!

Never the same one twice

but always the need to hear it again.

Never restrained and always in control

sometimes our hearts and our minds fail us

words have no meaning and come out wrong

and that is when we reach.

frederic   frederic wrote
on 10/2/2009 11:59:03 AM
A complex rendering of the need to live life. OK, seize the day is the advice, and you're really cautioning us that there are no guarantees. Nonetheless, we should enjoy the ride.

writing MaHensley8706
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A poem from Creative writing class when we were told to write in detail about something without ever mentioning what it is we're describing. The assignment was to create a poem in which the title said everything the poem did.
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