Convert your Leads into Permanent Customers by Catering Mobile Users on Priority Basis

Online shopping has been on a gradual rise over the last fewyears and there are no signs that this trend is going to slow down anytimesoon. Ecommerce giants like Amazon or clothing and fashion giants like Zarahave paved the way for people looking to make it big in the market. Foraspiring entrepreneurs, virtually the whole world is their marketplace but thecompetition is fierce too to say the least. No company can survive the severetest without making a proper strategy.

The role of a digital marketing company inmaking sure a business can succeed is vital these days. While there can be manysecondary goals of any company, primarily companies look to improve theirconversion rates ultimately for the sake of generating revenue and earningprofits at the end of the fiscal period. Nowadays, companies try many tricks toultimately get the conversion rates. This may include making your visitorsdownload an e-book or sign-up for a blog.

Role of Mobile Audience in theSuccess of an Ecommerce Venture

In a survey done by E consultancy, Over 53% of marketers believed that improving conversions is their highest priority. While conversion rates of 70% of the businesses in the year 2016 improved considerably, on the other hand only 22% of the online businesses are satisfied with it. One of the big gets reasons why companies fail to make this happen is because they don’t care much about the mobile audience, i.e. people using smartphones and hand-held devices in this regard.

Improving the mobile conversions can be in the best resultsfor any company regardless of the industry in which the work. You willdefinitely ask why I am emphasizing on this without any credible data or stats.So here they are: Number of mobile users has increase astronomically over thepast few years. According to, at the end of 2017, the numberof mobile phone users across the globe is forecast to reach 4.77 billion.And by the end of 2019, the figure will shoot up to 5.07 billion! That’sroughly over 60% of the world population.

Some ore Stats to Help you Out inthis Regard

The total share of mobile usage has increased by 30% in 2017. On the contrary, number of desktop usage has decreased by 20%. But the most important stat in this regard is this: According to Google, over 67% users buy only from mobile friendly websites design. Another strong stat is that 61% of people using an eCommerce website leave that website citing bad mobile experience as the prime reason.Nowadays, no business can survive without a website and offering assistance to mobile users is even more important for business owners.

So one thing is confirm, if you are looking to pull traffictowards your website, a mobile friendly version and a working one is what youreally need. A mobile first strategy is what the most important factor for thegrowth of current and future startups and small businesses. Else, your businesswill only face rough seas as far as growth is concerned.


Shirtinator Increase its Revenue byOptimizing its Website

Shirtinator is one of UK’s most popular online storesoffering visitors of their website customized textiles and personalized gifts.It includes custom t-shirts and hoodies, personalized mugs, etc. The companywas facing tough times as the traffic of their desktop version was droppingwith each passing day. In the meantime, they hired a digital marketing companythat offered them a solution which turned their fortune for good. Mobileversion of the website made sure a large number of people looking for apersonalized clothing solution visited their mobile-friendly version in hordes.

With the application of optimizing their website for mobiles,smartphones and hand-held devices, Shirtinator increased its revenue by 72%.From this example alone, you can imagine how many people are using the Internetthrough smartphones and using ecommerce websites for shopping and otherservices.

Final Word

Increasing sales through artificial means like discounts orbuy 1, get 1 free gimmicks is easy but is not a long term solution. Everybusiness needs to convert leads into permanent customers and for this, mobilecommerce is the way to go. If you too want to make a name for your brand andwant to get conversions, invest in making an ecommerce ready mobile website forbest results.

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Online shopping has been on a gradual rise over the last few years and there are no signs that this trend is going to slow down anytime soon.