Seven Wrong Acts Associated With Christians

In many churches, there are ways which many Christians apparently depict hospitality and a ‘worth-it' welcome to visitors. Not bad per se, the ‘welcome' and special treatments, so-called love feasts administered to new church comers, follow-ups and other necessary welfare packages leave much to be desired. The question is: ‘Are they really portraying the true Christian character?'

Over the years, Christians have unequivocally depicted hypocrisy in various which no doubts have questioned the ground and pillar of all divine truths, the church. Granted, some Christians would obviously not want to read this write-up, perhaps, owing to its not-encouraging undertones. However, it is the truth that we know that sets us free, as Christians. Therefore, we will consider seven recognized wrong acts associated with Christians.

To begin with, a wrong act many Christians are fond of is the ‘Sunday-Sunday' call to service. As a matter of obligation, they have taken the responsibility to attend church services only on the Holy day, Sunday, perhaps, owing to their background and influence of other people .In a way, they see Christianity as a routine and the church as the platform where such a routine can be excercised.However, what they fail to realize is that Christianity is no religion but a lifestyle which must be cultivated on a daily basis to appreciate its eternal existence.

Second, ‘chameleon' Christians frown at what they do best outside the enclosure of the church-pre-marital sex and adultery. Whence these issues are mentioned, they frown, a sign of insecurity and guilt, apparently taking offenses at the words spoken by the preacher. Really, these are what they do when not in church. They claim the ‘holier than thou' attitude.

Besides, many Christians are fond of deliberately committing different forms of ‘notice-me' services. In fact, they commit themselves to certain functions that draw the attention of their superiors in church for the sake of favours and other attachments. Once they get what they so desire, they disappear into thin air! What a pity!

Moreover, in churches, it is noticeable that a number of Christians keep caucuses that recognize themselves as groups in the church, instead of playing equal host to all other members of the congregation, irrespective of status. Though they seem to treat other members of the church fairly well, they are realistically self-centered as the groups they come under are concerned about themselves rather than the interests of other members.

Furthermore, many single ladies who are Christians become suspiciously dedicated to the affairs of the church with the aim of settling down with their discerned ‘Mr. Rights'. There are several instances were ladies who succeed in attaining their motives abruptly avoid and in no time, completely stop attending church services.

As a matter of fact, some Christians have succeeded in creating amongst themselves enmity by destructively criticizing the derogating the actions of their fellow brethren and even their spiritual leaders. Funny enough, they camouflage themselves as ‘meant-for-good' Christians but realistically pose more harm than good. They oppose certain activities done in the church by their superiors and other brethren. On a second thought, if critically looked into, we will discover that the reasons for their opposition do not hold waters!

Quite a lot of Christians are on the exodus of seeking for perfect or ideal churches. Interestingly, they claim to be active members of their currently attended churches. However, they spiritually prostitute themselves from one church to the other in search of the perfect church of their choice. They fail to come to the recognition that there are no ideal churches and until they strive together with other Bible-believing Christians towards perfecting themselves as the church, that is, the body of Christ, such fugitive exercise will be tantamount to a wild goose chase.

In a nut shell, as Christians, it is about time we obliterated hypocrisy and wholeheartedly embraced the efficacies of the ground and pillar of all truths, the church. Paraphrasing John 4: 23, Jesus asserted that they that worship Him must do so is spirit and in truth. By inference, hypocrisy is carnal and untrue. Hence, in the relentless of pursuit to attain our life-long aspiration, perfection, should we carry along these habits of hypocrisy (Remember, we ought to be the light of the world)? If we do, then, we would be seen as ‘just Christians' by the world

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict


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