Another night
Tomorrow is Monday- and there's a long list of tasks for me from dusk til dawn. I should be asleep-- that'll come soon enough. I felt like doing a little writing. My newest addiction: Sons of Anarchy. I'm in season 4 on Netflix-- so it's the last one til the newest season gets uploaded-- which I'm sure will take too long. lol. And Grey's Anatomy.. for the first time ever I'm actually watching that one live on TV. I don't watch TV... but I couldn't wait for netflix and since I actually get that channel.. I figured why not? But.. it has a different feel. I miss the first few seasons. The show just isn't the same anymore. Not sure why. This one might be the last season. Anyways-- I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week!! It'll be the new year before we know it. Crazy how fast time is going by. I'm excited tho. I'm ready to end this hellacious year! It needs to be over. I'm ready for a new start.. we'll be moving sometime in the earlier part of the new year. Probably before April. I'm not sure.. just depends on how things pan out. My life is so back and forth.. I never really know what to expect. I don't like the lack of stability... yet in these dark times I feel more secure than ever before. I'm not sure how or why. I guess I feel the stronger side to the family ties. My husband and I are doing great. And we have a new baby on the way. Christmas will be here soon. I'm excited for the tree and the lights.. and the music and the goodies. We don't have much money.. but I don't really care. I am just looking forward to all the festivities and family time. I don't need presents to make me happy. I just want my family. --- that statement makes me feel old, but proud. :) I guess we all have to grow up eventually... though I hope my childish behavior at heart never goes away. The next few weeks will be crazy.. working some extra hours.. need the money and couldn't pass on it. Not that my mind or body wants the extra hours-- but I can handle it. A lot of additional tasks to fulfill as well... but I'm doing it. I feel accomplished. Taking life one day at a time. Hopefully the rest of the thoughtless worries and burdens will vanish in due time. I'm in need of some major relief... on many notes. Saying this year has been rough is an understatement. And once I'm cleared (And I prey that I am) I'll have some heavy weights lifted.. maybe I'll be able to breath again. As soon as Christmas is over.. I'm sure I'll be planning and craving the fresh flowers of spring. Getting ready for major workout time at the gym and dieting to lose this baby weight. I don't want to dick around this time. I want to really put my mind to that game and play as hard as I can. It's something I need. I want and need that self confidence back. Then it'll be time to start looking into some other new things. Either a new career path.. or school. I'm planning to focus more on my family, too... which I have been for the past several months.. putting some of the partying old days behind me.. and as much as I miss it.. I'm happier now than I was before. I'd really like to get into a band, too. I'm sick of talking about all these things I want to do. My goal for 2013 is to stop planning and start doing!!! I need to quit smoking cigarettes before they kill me. I want to exercise daily and be healthy. Expand my horizon.. try new things. Do something with my life.. whatever that may be. I just need to start doing things. I'm not getting any younger. I don't want to wake up one day when I'm 30-- and have all these regrets about the things I didn't do. Anyways.. my back is hurting.. my body is sore and tired. Time for bed. Goodnight.

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