Lead Rome in a cage
I sit here.. somewhat alone.. wanting to go outside, break free from the four walls I rest behind. It's kinda cold out there though.. and no sunshine. It's gloomy- sad- depressing like my mental condition.
Listening to this song play over and over again... I'm either drowning in it, or it's saving me! ((Not sure yet))
Social butterfly has left the building- My once happy smiling face is now sour and plain. I feel better than I did last week tho.. that's a plus. Cause I was at my ultimate low. Womanly emotion malfunctions. Now it's time to get my chunky ass up and motivated. I've gained far too much weight this winter.. and awfully fast! I need to lose it before summer! I don't need my weight being another issue to tear down my self esteem. I have enough problems as is!
I should think about that before I dive head first into shallow water... but I never listen to my own advice... I am stubborn, and I'd rather go all in and break hearts along the way.. then sit back on the side lines and watch everyone else play. Game day isn't much fun if you're sitting on the bench.
I wonder.. if everything will fix itself in time? I wonder how this will all turn out.. which routes we're going to detour on.. and how many battle scars we'll all come out with. I still wonder.. but for the most part, all hope is gone!
It's 2:14pm- I think I'll head into town. I am bored and my bf needs a ride to go pick up a kitty.. and then liter and what not. My kid is going to want a freaking kitten now! LOL- I need to get out of the house tho. I think I'll put on some make up.. maybe a cute outfit. Doll myself up a little- maybe that'll help.. but I doubt it. I'm gonna try though. The house needs cleaned-again. It's never-ending and exhausting!! By the time I'm finished running the vacuum, my toddler has crushed potato chips and spilled them all over the floor.. again. Gotta love kids!
I better go now- before I get too consumed!

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