Long live the King
It's like a true summer night tonight. No other words need be said.
Watching old reruns of That 70's Show- with the window open.
The breeze is amazing! :)
Cloud 9
And we made a rock/rap mix song. I can't wait to hear it. Hopefully it'll be done soon. It was almost a week ago. I am getting impatient. lol. It's the first time we've really collaberated the music like this. I've done some back up chorus stuff before.. but never a major part. And it's a great song. Both parts are awesome.. and the whole idea of the song in general. He def stepped out of the box for this one.. and I can't wait until the editing is done!!! YEA!! I like having things to look forward to.

the gym- I've slacked. I've gained back all the weight I lost. Super pissed! So, I've declared: In the month of May I'm losing 20 pounds! It's happening!! Some way- some how!! It's happening! I had a good time last week with my sis tho.. and we're going back Friday and probably Saturday, too! I'm excited! I enjoy working out with her.. talking and catching up makes the time fly by. I wished we lived a little closer to one another.. or had a gym more "in the middle" of our houses... it's a half hour+ drive. About 45 from my house- Sucks. Especially since gas prices suck!!
Test drove some cars a few weeks ago too. That's always fun... But, it makes you want a new car super bad. And, unfortunately I wasn't approved for the 2012 Mazda 3- I didn't try for anything else. I've got some BIG hits on my credit right now from mortgage company. Still haven't made any big decisions. My life has changed so much... I'm ready for some greatness, but in the mean time.. I'm living one day at a time.. trying to rebuild. It's going okay so far, but haven't really rated anything quite yet. I'm just living... Sucks being at work for MOST of my time... but it's good to be apart of something (professional work ethics) again.

I'm tired... going to get about five hours of sleep tonight... alarm at 6am. Then 8 hrs of training at the new j.o.b. I was exhausted today.. probably same story tomorrow. I like to classes, and the job... but getting up at 6am kinda sucks! A LOT!! I think my normal 11:30am-8pm will be better. I got another 4+weeks to go on that one!
I was going to write... but I am ass tired. It's almost midnight... yikes!

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