I hate this; the unknowing aspect of everything. The vital pieces of the puzzle are missing, so you can’t see the big picture until you’re creating it....

Which makes perfect since... it just sucks sometimes!!!

I got a membership to the gym! Yea! My gal pal and I signed up on Monday. We went for our first visit today. Spent a little time on the machines... but for the most part, we were playing racket ball! That was one of the things that won me over in deciding to sign with the gym. Racket ball is super fun! And a great work out. We have a class with a personal trainer tomorrow at 4pm... I think this will be a really good thing for me! There's daycare in the morning and evening.. That's the only reason I can actually go to this gym!

I'm just waiting for background checks and everything to come back for this job.. hopefully I get some good news soon. "Pending".. sucks when you're impatient. I don't have jobs knocking on my door, so I kind of desperately need this to work out. So, my fingers are crossed. It's the only thing that pays a damn that I've come across so far. Enough said on that topic.

As far as everything else. One day at a time. If I get this job.. I'll start in mid April. So, I plan to use this free time "vacation" from now and until then... to get some things done. I need to get my car looked at- fixed... and I want to lose ten pounds before I start work- That's my big goal I'm setting and hopefully with the gym, I'll be able to achieve it. Overall weight loss goal is to lose 30-35 pounds... So here I go!! "Weee..." I'll probably be sore in the morning! But it'll be worth it in the long run! :) Goals! It's good to have some again... Some real goals. I started losing track of things, and myself for a while. I think the gym was a good idea. It gives me something to focus on, and work for... I think I do better in that atmosphere. Plus I have my gym buddy.. and she's wanting to lose 40, so we can motivate each other along the way! I'll probably be the one pushing her more than her pushing me... but maybe not... we'll see!

Anyways.. I think I'll head to bed. I am exhausted.. and it's late again.. as usual.. and I'm still awake. Ridiculous!

Thanks for reading.

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