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Cheers to the messy little lives we live.. To the webs we weave... To the hearts we break.. I hope I haven't done too much damage thus far.. I'm hoping to still have at least 40 more years or so... Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mother's out there! Especially the single moms... whose strength is usually beyond their own mindset. Only two more weeks of classroom training.. then we hit the real live floor training. Tomorrow starts a new weeks. I am not ready for the weekend to end. Two days isn't long enough!! We had a pretty good weekend tho, I'd say. And it's now Sunday- almost 12:30 in the afternoon. Soon to figure out lunch.. my husband is at work til 7pm or so... things are going good. I don't think I've written about all that yet. We're back together. We started talking again back in March (as friends- who didn't want to kill each other-lol) .. officially started talking again in April. We didn't tell very many people. I wasn't prepared for the ridicule yet.. and I wanted to make sure we were going to actually work things out before we made it public. Then things happen.. lol. I'll tell ya later. Yesterday was semi fun. We went to yellow springs.. took the long back roads to enjoy the countryside drive. (Beautiful) We drove around y.s. for a little while (looking at houses) before we parked. I hit the curb and blew out the front right side tire! Go me!!! Then the dog drug my husband.. choking herself through town. My kid mildly listened. I'm paranoid and he makes me nervous around roads. We didn't stay long. The kids were driving us bonkers- it was very busy because of the festival.. and we needed to get back to town to buy a new tire before the store closed.It took forever to get the tire off.. damn thing was all sorts of stuck. But my husband finally resolved the issue and we headed home. While in Yellow Springs (During our whole 30 minute walk) we ran into Dave Chappelle which I thought was cool as shit!! He walked up onto the side walk and past us. I was turning to ask Jeremy a question when I saw him. I starred for a second in shock- just to make sure I was seeing right. I didn't say anything.. but I wish I would've asked for a picture!! I heard that he doesn't like to be bothered tho! Which sucks!!! Anyways.. I need to get off of here. I really need to get some laundry done.. Might stay home today- or might take my son out to do something.. haven't decided yet. Later.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/14/2012 3:36:27 AM
I like this for it shows what a day is like in someone else's life. And you have a full day and life we see. How you keep it all together is amazing.

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Life wouldn't be anything without risk taking...

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