october 2012
How: I'm not completely sure because we're still in a massive rut; but somehow the stresses have relieved a little. It's probably the calm before the storm.. hopefully the storm isn't too bad. I'm hoping everything falls into my favor on the given circumstances of my life situation. Hopefully there's good news and a better lifestyle in the near future. I can't believe how fast time is flying by! I don't even remember when I wrote my last blog post, or what it was about. I'm not sure where I left off... thinking of which, I probably should have re-read it before writing a new one. Oh well. If I haven't yet spoken of our news: Here's a brief over view of the last several months--- my husband and I worked things out (Against all odds) and we're doing really good. Stronger than ever and happy. We still have those major stresses holding us back, but we'll break through someday. I'm also pregnant. I have had one hell of a pregnancy so far. From week 6-16 I was bed ridden sick. It was not fun!! It was like having the flu 5-6 days a week. I couldn't eat, could barely keep down water, went to the hospital for an IV and meds once. It was pretty bad. Luckily, I feel a lot better. I'm approaching week 29-- and I'm having a boy! I wanted a girl real bad, but I'll take what I can get. As long as I have a happy healthy baby, all is good here. We're probably filing the big B because that's our life story for this year! Yea fun! I'm back at my old job.. not manager, just part time teller, which is perfect for me right now. I wish I could have those extra benefits, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Maybe I'll find something better paying after the baby comes, or maybe I'll stick around there and see what happens. Who knows. I'm on a "day to day" living basis at this time. I'm not really sure what the future holds. My husband still may end up going to the military. Who knows. So there's the break down. it has been a wild year for everyone it seems. Wild, bad, bumpy, scary, something like that. I think it's in the water. And I'm preying that 2013 is much better. We could all use a little more good in our lives. It has been one money struggle after another.. then sickness on my end.. failed relationships, rekindled relationships, pregnancies. (I'm not the only prego walking around) .. 2012 sure has been a rough year all around. Next year just has to rock!! I've got my exercise and dieting plans set and ready to go-- haha. I am determined to lose this baby weight before next summer. I know it's going to be a bitch, but that's my new years resolution.. and I've never really created a nys resolution.. so I don't want to fuck up my very first one. I'm doing this!! I can do this!! Trick'r Treat is in two days! Holy crap>> Where did the time go?? Soon it'll be Thanksgiving.. and then Christmas!! I myself am very excited about Christmas. It's almost like I'm craving it. I'm not a fan of winter and the bitter cold- but for some reason this year I am ready for it. I think it's more about the year ending and a new one beginning. I'm not sure.. But I'm ready for some good change. "Please, please, please.." --that's all I want for Christmas <3 I'm ready for the sounds and smells of Christmas cheer. Christmas tunes on the radio, Christmas movies with the family, the Christmas tree and pretty lights. The lights and bows that decorate the city :) It sounds wonderful and I can't wait. Well, the next two work days are long and early. And next weeks schedule is a little funky, but it ends with a five day weekend so there's no complaints on my end. We created a new schedule for work, which is beautiful. We get more saturdays off in a month, and I work alone on saturdays. I work three days a week instead of four days, but I'll still be getting the same hours, just doing longer days... Yea!! :) I'm excited. I'd rather stay an hour or two extra in one day in order to have an extra day every week off!! I'm totally down for that-- and it was my idea. lol Goodnight all. Hope all is well in the rest of this big world. .. .. .. Yeah, I'm a dreamer.

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