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I start my new job tomorrow. Wish me luck :)

-I've never worked in a "big corporate" atmosphere before. Well, when it comes to job history- I'd say all I really 'know' is my ex financial company- but my office wasn't quite as big, seeing as though I only managed two tellers. My shop was small, and a pain in the ass.. I don't really miss it.. Well, maybe a little. I miss some things, but not many.
-I am happy to be finally moving on to something new. I hope it goes good. Training starts at 8:30am-5pm M-F for 6 weeks. After that I'll start my normal shift of 11:30am-8pm. I took the later shift, because it's more money and later mornings :) Esp in the summer time.. I need my early/late morning sleep!

-I realized a little while ago.. I've been job-less for the last 6 months.. WOW! I hadn't realized it was so long... crazy! It doesn't feel like that long ago that I left cashland. Crazy-ness!! The place was my home in many occasions. Well- 2nd home anyways. You figure.. you spend 8-9+ hrs a day- 5+ days a week... while at home.. you're sleeping for 7-9 hrs every night.. showering, cleaning, etc.. once you add in drive time for daily work commute- you're spending more of your 24 hrs (awake time) at work.. with the people you work with. ---Another big reason I believe you should get along with your work buddies...
-I am soooo tired.. about to shower and go to bed. I am a little out of it. It's been a busy weekend-- I didn't get enough sleep. I feel a little out of it, so please don't mind my scatter brained writing! :)
-My son and I spent most of our day today at the park.. for my friend's daughters bday party. And last night I went out with some gal pals.. for karaoke. It was a good night, for the most part.
-Well, it's midnight. I need to get my butt to bed! 6 hrs of sleep if I get to bed at 12:30- yikes!! This isn't looking good. LOL> I don't know why.. I am forever doing this stupid shit to myself. I lack good sleep. And I need to get rolling at the gym again. I've slacked majorly!! I've only gone to the gym twice this past week... and the diet has slouched. I need to get back on the program and fast!!
Goodnight all. :)

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