Being Me

At the start I knew it was always a possibility but never a probability to just be me.

I'm too much of a conformist and a people pleaser.    I mistakenly fell into the trap of being a human doer instead of a human being to acquire the acceptance I desperately wanted/ needed from others, especially my family. Not being authentic, showing them what they wanted to see rather than the real me.

 Acceptance didn't come then and it certainly isn't coming now.

I had to realize that I had His Grace, acceptance and love just for being me all along.

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 7/1/2009 4:55:54 PM
To thine own self first... be true. Many of us have never understood our God-given value. Too often, we trade our uniqueness for acceptance of those who do not understand our value either because... we have been afraid to show our true selves. In some ways... truth be told, we are the instruments of our own demise. Very thought provoking

Michele   Michele wrote
on 1/15/2009 2:41:29 PM
I remember always wearing perfect makeup and hair to go and visit or help my mother, for fear she would say "you look tired", or just "are you OK?" I know now I was blessed to have had a very wise mom and sure my efforts at "good grooming" were just silly, as she knew me better than anybody. Part of my (and most womens') authentic selves IS being a caregiver, a people pleaser. Give yourself the gift of a few moments of silence every day. We are too bombarded by media and life's happenings--stifles creativity. Since my mom passed away, I've practiced gratitude-every day-for the very simplest of things, if just one thing a day. It seems to knock out most negativity and keeps me open to accomplish that list of things I've always wanted to do. Like write! Take care--good to hear of you again!

SapphireCat   SapphireCat wrote
on 1/13/2009 7:08:19 AM
I can really empathize with this. Great job!

Sojourner   Sojourner wrote
on 1/12/2009 8:05:44 PM
Awesome words of wisdom. I appreciate the honesty in this poem. I feel you are being vulnerable and you are seeing inside of yourself something you never saw before. Good writing.

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