My voice is silent
Though my words resonate
I speak with the pen
Ive found a way to clearly state
Thoughts and images
Thrown around between dendrites
Neurotransmitted chemical thoughts
Interpreted sounds and sights
All expressions of a wave
A function of the frequency
Every wave a particle
Building something you can see
From something no one knows is there
We see a hole where it should be
Our tools to primitive to see
We see what we tell them to
They see what we know is there
But how to build a sensor for
Detecting what the stars won’t share
The stars shed light
But not much else
Enhancing sight
Enhancing self
Without the light
Of all the stars
We cannot see
To etch the page
Marking it with careful words
Taken from a chosen few
The favoured tools of he who wields
The pen so deftly
To write indelibly
Which otherwise fall
On deaf ears
Here for you to read
As if the only way to speak
Is with a pen on paper
As if orherwise
The words would fail
Verbal sounds
Much too weak
Too feeble to communicate
What must be said
What must be heard
It must be known
For that effect
I must write my words
For those who still understand
The written language of the hand
Unspoken tongue of pen itself
And if some may not relate
If they cannot speak the language
Koine of pen in hand
Who am I to demonstate
Proper ways to enunciate
Without the lips
Without the voice
A second chance
A better choice
For talking elongates the words
Draws them out
Makes them real
Requires different ways to think
To say the right words
With the voice
Within a timeline
A social setting
Written words
Must be formed
With careful cogent cognizance
Observance of the rules
Or careful bending of the same
Regulations of the form
A way to speak without the voice
A voice that’s raised and heard by all who care to hear
Those who listen
And know what it is they hear
For many hear but few decode
The meaning of the words
If they are real
And of course they are real
But all that is spoken in this language anymore
Is fragmented vague half sincere depictions
Abbreviated contradictions
Imperfect reflected refractions
Redactions, infractions
Editorial reactions
To a preservation of the form
Rejection, ejection
It makes no money anymore
And so to keep the vultures sated
Something perfect must be hated
Something old and time-protected
Words painstakingly selected
Given meaning by the context
How the tools are used
With other tools to yield results
Like cards in a game that go together
Endlessly combined
To win or lose the game
The game is a way to represent
A battle on a mental field
The war for intellect
Is won by flashing lights
By thumping throbbing sounds
Waves of energy
Radiating from the source
Interfering, causing patterns
Rearranged to fit observation
Conforming to our expectations
If these words define experience
Expectations and observance
Definition is the reality
And words are truly all we see
My world is not that which you see
Your vision, not in front of me
My words go together in such a way
As to provide a means to say
For you so that you understand
What occurs between mind pen and hand

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Let’s have a real conversation. Not that one word garbage. Not that emoji-laden pictographic excuse for communication the kids are doing. I mean we brew a pot of coffee every hour and chat till the rooster calls. How about it?
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Stream of consciousness meditation on the nature of writing, especially as understood by many today. I wrote this three years ago in the Red Deer Public Library
A Word from the Writer
I have revised this slightly from the original handwritten version and a previous online version. Where it ends as of this writing is much more appropriate as the original writing was more drawn out and repeated a lot of what is already said.
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2/17/2015 12:00:00 AM
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