Even You Sun

You , my Sun , went cold by the water

of the great sea

You might have turned the water hot

but you cooled me

You've frozen me..

and announced the begining of my end,

announced it was so near,

and i like everytime, trusted you.


I was so glad to go, although,

i felt sorry for leaving before the next rise

and i wanted to say goodbye,

I closed my eyes....


But you, like every day, did rise

and for a new day i could see.

Oh Sun, what have you done to me ?!

Was it my fear

Was i that night afraid to go ?!

and you felt pity to me .

Or maybe it clearer

and i misjudged you

the dusk before !


Maybe you wanted me to live more

but if you wanted so,

why did you deprive me then

of the thing i have been living for ?


Is it true ...

that my arrival and survival

are not just ny chance ?

Is that you ...

Is it your brilliance ?


Could you be my friend ?!

So we both can rise together and set together?

maybe, i can explore the feeling

of seawater when you touch it

maybe you did to the sea

what you did to me


you deprived me from everything

my fancy is now free.

All that i wanted, was some love

but you gave me much love

enough to burn me .

Goodbye my friend

I say goodbye as i hope you set me free

I hope you know when day

how much her love meant to me.

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