Once upon a time, very long ago;

In a place like heaven, when everything was hell.

A little girl was left alone to grow

And nobody knew how she grew well.

She had mother sun for loving care

And father night to watch her dreams

Flowers and roses to bless her fair,

With many other wonderful scenes.


By the age of twenty one

She was the bride of fate

The wonderful heaven was gone

And left only one mate


Then she was twenty two

She gave birth to her first kid

Few of the roses reappeared

And the rest still hid


When she reached twenty three

She decided to give her child a name

Loneliness disappeared when they were three

And loneliness was the name


Twenty four was the year of death

Her little kid, loneliness, died

And a new child took the first breath

And hope was the only choice she could decide


After that she was twenty and five

Her happiness was one year old

Everything n heaven was alive

And the sun suddenly shown as gold


But, one day, a weird thing took place

The hopeful lady wasn’t seen again

She left with no trace

Nothing, nothing, but pain

It was like losing the last spark of fire

In a cold gloomy night

You may have some desire

To see the coming daylight.

But suddenly you turn hopeless

For it takes too much

You feel it is totally nonsense

To keep faith in such.

By the time my Eve was back

I was a fifty years old man

But still there were many things I lack

And she was the perfect, wise, old woman.

But it was the end

And she had to die

She never had a friend

Other than me to say good bye

And only then I could realize

That during the tough life she spent

Only her faith made her wise

And only for faith she was sent.

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writing lostsoul
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