You, the shadow of me

With the moon light

You are my only friend I can trust

Maybe, because you’re deaf, blind, and mute

I don’t know why I disrespect you,

Why I don’t notice you,

I don’t know ….

You listen too much to me

I tell you about what I feel

I describe to the girl I love,

But I see you still looking to me

I tell you about the bad life I have

And as if you know, you keep looking to me

I feel you feel what I feel

As if you are me …

…..stop looking at me

Don’t show me that am crazy.

At least you….

You must not agree

Yu must support me.

…Look at me

Am telling you what to do

….Where are you???

I see……

It’s time you get to sleep

It’s time for me to wake up

From my deep sleep

To face the world in day light

But you didn’t give me hope

Enough for a whole day…



In the sunlight, I see you,

Every now and then,

Guiding me, guiding my way.

But you are different

You seem running away

As I touch you or try to get nearer

I feel you are sick of me

Whenever the sun does shine

You get bored of my same mad way

In searching for peace

And waiting for the night

And the moon light to see

You again.

But it is a cloudy night

And then falls the rain …

I see you wet my friend

I see your face in a spot of water

A spot of the tears of the sky

That feels sorry for me

Sorry for having me …

I will leave you this night

I’ll try to find another friend

Another one who hides like me

Who has nothing to lose if he supported me?

Go, my dear shadow

Don’t be like me

May be you can do what I failed with

May be you can let her love you

May be you can speak

If I was mute

And se the happiness in her eyes

If I was blind

And hear her sweet voice

If I was deaf.

But don’t come back

If you failed …

I don’t want you to fail like me

And be sure my friend

That I will be so happy if she

Loved you …

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Free Verse
writing lostsoul
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