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I now know why i used to love that green spot about half an hour walk from my mountain house, it was so clean...

It had only awesome odors, those of buds and roses ,those of soil and grass , those of water and stones ... Those of the breeze with all the fresh smells it holds , that of snow covering that ever whitened hills and that of the reflections coming from the nearby villages , oh yes they had a smell, i used to smell it as i closed my eyes near that sparkling water fountain , lying on that wet grass.

I know what i miss coz now i smell only dirt, only dirt .God how i hate this smell. This of the frightening looks , this of the ugly whispers , this of the unpredictable behaviors , and above all this feeling of distrust .

The difference is that i used to sleep in the open like there was nothing could ever disturb and now i lock my gates , my doors , and still i sleep with eyes open...

Even dreams are different here and now, they had a special taste before. Dreams used to be just dreams while now dreams seem to be so real revealing that reality is my worst nightmare...

...Hide ! 

I didn't have to hide before .

I am hiding but till when, i will if it was granted i'd smell that spot again , if all my ....... 

lostsoul   lostsoul wrote
on 4/18/2011 1:43:43 PM
thank you sir, been noticed by a poet like you is a great trophy for me. thank you for your regular support.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/18/2011 5:25:49 AM
I like this a lot for it tells of an experience you had, that stuck in your mind so much that it caused you to write this story. That memory and the present truth now makes this (for me) an interesting piece to read. I think you did well with this, my young friend!

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