A Mothers Love

She pulled the covers to her chin

Then lay her head to rest

The day had been a troubled one

Was really quite a test


Before the sleep would come to her

Events once more displayed

At one point it was true to say

She had been really quite afraid


The day had started normally

Until her lunchtime break

When an email came into the box

She first thought was a fake


It said I have to see you

You must meet me at the park

No name or sign to say who by

It was really very stark


She pondered should she go there

Knowing not who she would see

Though intrigued and quite susceptible

She had to find who it would be


As she rounded the last corner

Saw an image of herself

“I am your long lost daughter

You left lying on a shelf”


The tears welled up inside her

No words that she now could form

She remembered back with dread

To that austere and awful dorm


She summoned up the courage

Then at last could find her voice

“Yes I was the one to leave you there

There was no other choice”


“I was sixteen and my parents

Had said that they would cast me out

No matter how I pleaded

Or how much I scream and shout”


“I tried so hard to keep you

Though there really was no way

It is something I regretted

Through each dark and dismal day”


Her daughter’s eyes were welling

As she heard this sorry tale

She had tried so hard to find her

It had been no easy trail

Though the years had cruelly parted them

The bond felt now so clear

They fell into each other’s arms

The embrace then so sincere


As sleep then slowly beckoned her

Her heart was all aglow

At the future, now she found the child

She lost so long ago

Ezy_scorpio   Ezy_scorpio wrote
on 10/6/2011 9:24:09 PM
I felt wonderful to read this beautiful poem.

writing markBrad
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