Charlie was a simple man

Who lived alone as best

He kept himself, quite to himself

Not troubling the rest


At work he just got on with it

He seldom paused to chat

Was rare indeed that feet were seen

Descending on his flat


Though on one Thursday morning

A letter hit his floor

An unknown faceless postman

Had put it through his door


He opened it and read the print

Then tried to comprehend

It seemed the block in which he’d lived

He would need now, to defend


It was scheduled for demolishment

The thought filled him with fear

Then as he read on further

He could see the date was near


So he rearranged the furniture

Then blocked each window and door

Took down the valuable ornaments

Then placed them on the floor


He stocked up on his groceries

Was ready for a siege

Whatever they could throw at him

If the planners chose besiege


He joined a local pheasant shoot

Then bought himself a gun

In readiness for what might come

Before it all begun


The date was growing closer

So he hurried with his deeds

Made sure he’d thought of everything

To cater for his needs


Then on one fateful Friday

The council did move in

Machinery at ready

The work now to begin


They had not banked on Charlie

Entrenched within his flat

One stubborn individual

Just quietly now sat

The knocks upon his door ignored

The ringing of his bell

Was darkness all about him

Before the silence fell


For days he held them all at bay

Within his fortress flat

Just went about his business

For the most part he just sat


Though patience now was running thin

Police called to the scene

He watched them as they all arrived

Then started to convene


Charlie had his mind made up

They were not moving him

Though looking out at what he saw

The chances now were thin


Behind the growing cordons

He saw cameras, arrive

An ever growing story

Now there purpose to derive


He watched the local bulletins

Then as if within a trance

Saw people who he’d worked with

Defending his just, stance


Crowds began to form then

Encircling his block

The more the TV aired it

The more they seemed to flock


Support was overwhelming

The planners backed away

Charlie is still living there

Content unto this day

markBrad   markBrad wrote
on 9/1/2010 8:49:15 AM
Thank you for your kind words.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 9/1/2010 3:40:58 AM
Well done! I like how you told this and the message it conveys. A man that is firm in his conviction and will not budge, no matter what. This reminds me of a true story in which a highway was to be built and those in charge bought up all the houses to clear the land. But this one little old lady refused to sell the land for ANY price. She had been there for years and just did not want to move. They took her to court and she beat them at their game. Those in charge of the project finally gave up fighting her and built the freeway over her house. Score one for her, and one for your hero here.

writing markBrad
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