God of lives
Money Is great As a worm And a cow As a deer Forlong for water And as the sky is air And the earth is obscure And very Long And different As devil and heaven Is the sea of the sea and well of the sea and the air of the heaven   Ink Is different and well aired as a canoe in the storm as a desert in the plain as different as day and night and well watered as drums of the dungeons and air of the well and as cum of the sea and bose of the tiger and cure of the sand it is well ventilated as a cow to a calf it is done to eat and drink as cow and a calf with a sense of traverse   Lay Is good And well as A noon and an afternoon As divide and a canyon As a killer on the street And length of the war And a year of good years And war of the dredges And cure of the air As neon of the seed War is well and set And remembered As first And last For the war Of the year And of the words As well as the foods For the air And land And the sea It populates out And in And have a tide Around a throne And a mirror As a bell in the war And salon in the air In the sea of riddle   Blist Is in the sea And cured As a burn in the year And cure in the years And year Of the air And river of palatine seas In the Dexter of the water And rivers Of the air And curate of the rin As dire of the year And comeliness of despair As dung in the palace And a people in the seer As a cure of the dance Of the lessons And comrade of the martyrs As a Benz of the powerful And cure of zinc And parade of the league As butt Of the young And money of the poor And grace of the young   Money Is developed And seen As a King And a queen As a day And a night As a killer Of the hay And as a well Of the queue As a fin of queens And cover Of the tigers As sea and ambient As the star of the sea And sea of land And land of wise And the wise Of God   Killer Is done And as cow in the shed Is done to eat and sleep And killed As a bully in the air Is done away with As a calf of the giraffe And a sound of a wave As a bull in the sea And cow of the land And the sand of the sea And the sea of the seas And seas of the mighty And the mighty Of the Lord And Lord of the grace And the grace of the freedom And freedom of War And war of the strength And strength of the bose And bose of the river And river of the God Of the years Of God   Jay Many Is different And a child As a child in comma And a seagull In the sea And queen in the palace And a pinner in the desert As a root And a shady tree Is the child A different And a cure of God And a well of the valley And a pool of wisdom   Nuclear Is different And as a kill Of trotter And as a fig Of the saint Is a monument Of grace And a stronghold of the saints And a veneration of Gods And a sound Of wisdoms And a penetration of Skins And a tabloid of wrath   Orphan Is a child of the seed And a pier Of wrath And a portrait Of war And a sediment of the war And a seed Of gravel And a tier Of wrath And a monkey Of the anarchy And grumble of kin’s And a sediment of danger   Killer Is the Minch of the war And a axle Of bitterness And a sediment of danger And a disaster In sight And a money Of the blood And a sediment of cousins And a sea of perils And a dance of the mortuaries And glimmer Of the Werner And a group Of thieves And a colony of killers And a seabed of ghosts And a rust of foils And a Xerox of the machines And a cow of frogs And a monkey of kings And a desert of mars And a beehive of strange melodies And a chameleon of hates And war of the strange smells And sea of death     Giller Is different As a year of the savages And sea of calmness And melodies of crooked dreams And a war of retro Anthem And a smell Of many poor melons And sea of the tears of the lily valley And a scud Of the learned And peril Of the frogs And a concert of the Weakling And a giant of the lizards And frogs in march And scoundrel of the pigs And a scout of the war And for the air of pigs And a killer in the midst of the Lives   Book Is different And a child As a cure of the leaves And a smile of Great As a seat of slice As a money maker And a figure of speech And a sediment of grapes And a cure of thrones And a Xerox in the violin And a sediment of the sands And a cure of the money And a sea of pages And a sea of rivers And a sea of gardens And a wave in length And bitumen In the midst of the lonely World And a dancer of the seas   Home Is smart As a cucumber in a musket And as a rebel Of Mozambique And a wedding And a canary splash And a dairy Of the desert And a lion in the wild kingdom And a crimson in the seas As a Dresden of the shaggy stay So is the home As the theatre of the dynasty And a sequel of the mincher of the dreams Is the sea of the man Of a home   Hotel Is different And a plain floor And sooth As a rum in pot As a décor of pavilion And a comrade of the sacred And a sequel Of the well trained And a freedom Of the strong And a minter of a money And a sequel of millions And a York of eggs And a anthem of the sacred And the quiet of the lambs   Home Is different and a smooth train As a killer in the hideout And a pollutant of the sea And a wedge of the smiles And a weary of the land And a sequel of the brave And a remnant of war And a champion of goose And a weather of the art And a difficult in the hay stacks And a lizard of poly And a Xerox in the attic And a friend of the sonar And a climate Of a nation And a sediment of the gravel And a champion of the mango tree And a blessing in disguise And a woman in travail And a woman in the vicinity And a cow in the shed And a blessing in the air And a Xerox of the machine And a York in the egg And a lion in the wild   Oper Is great As a muse of a garden And a seagull of the sea And a York in the egg And a market in the open air And a sea of the lives And a Dresden of the rich and famous And a fountain of grace And a seagull of the sea And a champion in dress And king in the palace And a chameleon in the midst of the bush And a sediment of sand And a killer of jokes And a melody of the anthem of a kind   King Is different And a servant As a child He is a serious God And a man of sorrow And an agent of war And a servant of wars And a restorer of broken dreams And a lilly of the valley And a savior Of the world And a king in a quiet Market place And a surgeon of chronic ills And regulator of hearts And a sacred entity And milk in a bottle And a chance in a million times And healer of wounds And a post in a jobless place and classroom teacher and a room in a crowded bus and a lawyer in a court room a conductor of a bus a path of a rolling wheel a bridge across a river and business in a city   Money Is different And smart As a king it grows And spent As an aspirant On a book chair And a solemn of a marriage And a country in a transition And a donkey in a pull And a class of a kind And a perimeter of a wall And glass of the years And milky honey And a class in distinction And a fruit on the tree   Apple Is a fruit Ready and smart And sweet And precious And an Anglican And Baptist And Methodist And Catholic And smart As a child on breast milk And poet on a pen And a cure on a precious root And a monkey on a tree And river on a contour slope And a genius in a classroom day And police on a rough waters And a family man on leave And a surgeon in a hospital And a judge in a courtroom And plane in flight And a clerk in an office And a painter with a brush   God Is great And smart As a whiskey And a spirit As a seer And a sequel As a day and a night Is different And a savior And smart As a God And well as a God And as a God   Nike Is different and cure Of the man And of woman And as diverse As a cat Is different And smart As a cow to the slaughter And a goat To a kid And a smell To a broken toilet And a math to A teacher And a step to a hen And a scream to a woman And a dream to a shirt And a shout To an Amen And amen to a word And a word to a preacher And a preacher to a saint And a saint to a dreamer And a dreamer to a land And a land to a porter And a porter To a family tree And a tree to a slaughter And a slaughter to a ram And a ram to a food And a food to a family And a family to a strength And a strength to a God And a God to a Heaven And a Heaven to a Glory And a glory to A God   Nuke Is different As a furlong And a kite And a silk As a cumrate And a ruler And a precious oil As a vulten And as a cume As a Xerox of the broken machine And a warden in a prison And a sinner On the highway of God Is a Nuke In its crowl And a peripheral And a champion For the air and land and sea   Money Is Great And strong As a champion in maio And a seagull of river And a house of pines And a sea of rivers And a paradigm of death And a symbol of war And a wardroom of manes And smeose of roses And a tumbolene of rafter And a well of rivers And a mane of life And a seagull of roads And power of Great God And a war in strength And a champion goose And a mane of graces And Endeavour of roads   Nike Is Great And as a tiger In a hunt And a leopard In lingo And a kite In air And a frog in a River And a seducer On rampage And cannon in a war And a war in its wake As Jordan And goals And a ceremony In a stage It is different And smart and strong As a donkey in a pull And a sea in its only bed And crowd In the dinner dance And a chronic in its pain As a puller of Manes And a skinner of Goats And a devil Of the plains and a Musket of riffles   Bile Is different As a child for the money And a son for the salt And as a book For the reader Is the seat of God And seat for the God And as a deer is for the shade Is the sea for the land and Land for the sea And sea for the air Is land for the sea and the air for the land And the sea for the air And air for the sea And the land for the air And air for the sea   Jay Is different And for the sea And as different as air Is the sea as light And as the seas And well as a driver Of a truck And of the stars And sea and air And land for the sea waves roar Is the strength of God And strength Of the air And seas And of land And as the milky way smart is the Desert And gong of the war   Jay Is different And clever As a hester of the day And champion in maio And a forerunner of events Is the day of the life of the War And as a child is The war of report And of the strength Of the war And for the strength of food And clothes And a home of the strong And mighty   Kiwi Is developed And a class Of wealth And power as a cow With its calf And as a cow with its Napier grass As a calf with Milk Is a shed on its trace And a calf in its shed So it’s a shed under a sheep And a cow as a milk man In his milk shed And a cow under a contract And a milk contract   Tears Are to bless God And a tearful heart Is healed And blessed And healed For the love of God Is seen And love of mighty Is glorious Is the love of money And life And prestige And portrayal Of the love of God As the love of His life   Zed Is the alphabet As different as the mines And as smart as a God And smooth as a kite And a smooth As a Fila And for the war of kings And for the war of queens And for the life of the Teachers And for the life Of pupils And for the life of students As a comrade of God It is smiling As a Vulcan in the air And western of the sides Ad western of the seas   Money Is Great As a soldier in the army of The lord And a child of the living God As the sea is to thirsty land As the thirst is to water As the water is to sea Is the life And strength of the war And money is to a child And a child a money And love to a child   Zee Is popular As a tennis And a player As a Dresden to a killer And a saint to a bible verse And as a killer is a nay sayer So is a saint to a verse And a money To the saint And a rich ruler And a cow to a farmer As a box to a match maker Is the life of the ruler   King Is the marr And the sin Of a man That warrants A king to be summoned As a killer And a killed He hides And kills And portrays An angry God And a service To immortal God And a lesson to the Truth And a truth Of a kind And a service Of a God And a siller of the kind And siller of the kins And a siller of God Killer Is different And a man of perils And a man of kings And of devil And as a killer Is occupied With death And cruel affronts And with killer techniques As a leviathan Is killer And jammer Of the lives As a hypocrite Is measured And weighed And hurt As a killer who Killed As a man of millions And a house Of pride And of guns And of Weller Who got Deserted And hurt As a killer who Killed   Power Is different As a kite In the air And as different As a cow In air And on land and in the sea As a killer It is smartly dressed For war and for war And a serious nation As a king ready for the nation Of war And of killing Is the power of God Always ready For war   Ikuu They are mourners And always killed As a goat that Is slaughtered And abandoned And forgotten As a vicious King Who slaughters And kills So that he can heal And see blood As a hound in the carat Of the wealthy clan And evil of a growing world As a tapestry Of long journey And a sony moves Is inked to perish   Liver Is different And severed As a dragon And a cow And a chicken And a hen And a cow and A food As a neon in the streets And a wealthy Nation to a poor one And a lucky steed To a not so lucky one And a milky steeple To a severed one And a lost major As a Nike In the air And a seed of air And a fountain of trees And a killer Of the hens It kills Hay Is great And is different As a neon on the street And a cow in the shed And a seed in the porch And a friend Of a Jupiter And a founder of yatch And a sewine of tabloid And a goose of den And a den of hives And hives of skins And skin of trails And trails of gems And gems of colors And colors of rainbow And rainbow of war And war of Great God And God of universe And universe Of prairie And prairie Of God Hive Is different And strong As a hive of riner And a sequel of honey And miracles of beehive And hives of ginner And ginner of war And war of realtor And realtor of guns And guns of river And river of graces And graces of wealth And wealth of gums And gums of dead And dead of mirrery world And world of God And God of strength And strength of God   Zoo Is different As a cobra in the river And a kite in the air And a king in his chamber And a chamber of things And things Of the war And war of Gods And Gods of trees And trees of the manes And manes of grog And grog of perfumes And perfumes of sellers And sellers of war And war of God   Killer Is difficult And sometimes hard As a pencil And a pen As a killer And a saint And a sequel And a dinner dance And a money and a War And a killer And a saint And a butterfly and an eagle As a war and a wisdoms As a tea to a coffee And a seed to a patient man   Goal Is different And smart As a lesson As a gin As a different And a wisdom and a portrait of evil and a sequel of broth and a segment of rivers and a canal of river and a sequel of tardy and a jumper of ropes and a river of springs and a song of life and a valley of stripes and a wake of war and a sequel of ginger   Jay Is white as wool And great as war And smart as a wolf And clever as a milk carton And smart as a canoe And liberal as a moon party He eats as a powerful As a different king and queen And catastrophe of words And a faith in its trial As an office in the war of life And a Dresden of tumbolin And a giraffe of the zoo And a palatine of the moon And the zigzag of the dance floor And a sequel and a dance And a sewer of the Longonot And an umbrella on a rainy day And a money of God And of the river Hive Is different And precious And seldomly seen As a dredge that is in the river And a man in the river And a mane In the man And a hive in the years And a hen in the mirrey world And a porter of the wheel And a valley of grace And a grace of roughness And a roughness Of killers And killers of the ruthless stead And a force Of the dragons And dragons of the air And air of the Lord Jay Is a killer And a proud God And as a killer He has the best thought And shoes As a king is deposed Ad serves as a pauper Is different And welcoming As a killer Is different And as a war Hero Is developed And maintained As a war of the knives As a different As war of faiths And ambient Of real war   Ink Is for the years And for the months As a doctor As a patient As a doctor To a patient Is betrothed To a child And to a war And to a strength As a child To a bread And to a school And to a house   Uruguay Is part of the earth As a different Is due to kill And maim of the day And after It topples The aftermath And the years After the Years And cumulate The fires Of grills And pains the people Of the land And kills And seals As the killers And modernizes As the cruel And fake Israel   Oper Is different As a distant Era as The millions of Money Of the wisdoms As the sea of airs As the airs of the world As the world Of real and as a kite Is for the war of the Asia And American And Serbian And Luke And Mathew As well as John It is different than a fur And as a furlong Is wisdoms   Kiwi Is different And strong As a donkey On its Pull And a water tap In its start As a war criminal As a diverse ways As an immortal God Is war And serious And strong And serious As a plane in its height As a canoe on Rough waters As a delicate silk On a wedding bride As a difficult Train As a developed Anthem As a formulae in Its paint As a killer In the air And a different curate As a violin in chambers It is grown to be seen And heard As an organ in Its tunes As a pioneer of success And a dinner dance   House Is jammed And risked As a chameleon And its tails And a gazelle On a plain As a wonder Of the year And a sediment of Air And a marvel Of the seas And a curate Of gilmer And accordion of Great hopes As a throne of Graces And a melody Of life And a seeder of money And a see of God As a milk of calves And a follicle of tents Asia Is Great And mighty As a robot And a war As a wardroom Of manes And a cluster of stars As a melody Of wings And a diverse of spirit As a concord In the air And a mane in the sea As a man in the war And a war in the air And air In the man and A man in rear And a man in the move Is the different And smart as a décor Of premium And a escort Of plumule And a radical Of the trees   Gate Is a different And strong As a bull In its plough And a sequel Of the organs As a different And as a killer .of pigeons And a diverse Of plans And sequel of events As a lingo and a bear Is the day of Reckoning And of the strength As a bull in the slaughter Is the day of reckoning And about a child And a period of war   Money Is different And serious As a furlong And a cow As a desert In the wake As a chameleon Of the wood And a chair Of the great And a sequel Of the kings As a mane of the desert As a killer in the air Is money And a sequel Of arrangement And sequel Of events And a parrarel of guns And a sequel Of the day   Love Is God And brave And sequel Of events And paradigm Of the answers As a God He is Great And strong And fast As a match of sticks And as a sediment Of the dark And a sea of bravely And a sediment of war And of greatness And a furlong of forgiveness And a year of mercy   Gilmer Is the year And furlong As a desert On the lake As a Dresden of money And a champion of red roses And a sediment of corruption And a fine air of Jesus And of the Lord As a melody Of the seas Is the melody of the Lord And of a God And of the God And a Genius And of the day Of God   Kiwi Is great As a kite In the air And a chair of the Diseased And of the marathon And of the killers As a fruit It is furlong As a Vulcan And a curate And as a house Of the rear And as a killer of the hens And as desmark Of rivers   Yale Is great And God And great And strong As a strength Of power As a strength of Great Moon And as a liver on a plate As a killer Of pigeons And a kite in the air As a melody Of the raptor And as a desmark Of wisdoms And a killer Of the hens   Livers Are smartly dressed As a kite On rough waters And a kindle Of wisdoms As a power Of strength Are livers soft And soft And soft As a violin of goose And a sequel Of the rivers Are livers neutral And strong For the day of evil And of the smart And strong   The ruler Is different and furlong As a desert in its life For the reason of faith And practice Of life Of God And seen seldom fighting And sequel Of war as a burning bush And lilly of the valley And a school of thoughts And a melody of mischief’s And a wanton spread As a guns in rampage And a Formica in death He is a killer in disguise And parader of anthems And killers   Air Is blessed and curate As a money Of God And a pain killer And well as a Xerox in Sight And a seloquil of rear And a desert Of the dismal And a sea Of hope And a Xerox of milk As a desert Of wars And sea of rear And a musket of lives As a killer in styles   Uki Is smart and serious As the Fila And the tuition As the pride of phoenix And a killer Of a child Ad a mad Of the year And furlong And a criminal mastermind And a liver in the stool As a money maker And a sequel Of the living   Voi Is great and smart As a kite in air And wind blows As a desert And the rains And for the smart And strong As a mistaker Of God And wallow Of death And a furlong of desert And a sediment of green pastures It is well seeded And prepared for war As a king in array of fire And a God of Strength And for the day Of trouble And song   Ink Is different And smart As a king And a queen And smart and strong As a donkey On its pull And a sewer Of war And sea of rivers As a power of God Is war intelligent And smart as a rock As a curtain And as rains And sea And powerful As a Cain And a child Of God   Nuke Is different And strong As a desert And a plain field As a vibe it grows And as a furlong It dressed and pampered The years As a day of river And valley It gunners And service Of the God And as a move Of God It is Great And strong As a desert on the plain   Power Is God And seen to fight And develop As a year of God And a tear Of the child And as the sun on the air It grows to be seen God And as a Man is Greatly wars And surrounds for’s And killers out And students for As a child to his Mother And a king to his queen

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Each poem has its title but it did not come out as it was drafted.There is 5030 words all poems

Free Verse
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