Who? "clown" What? "vacum cleaner" Where? "spa"
The birthday party had been going wrong since Bongo arrived.  First the birthday boy had poured his overly sugared fruit punch all down Bongo's front and then ran off to get even more sugar from the assorted cupcakes that the mother had put out on the backyard picnic table.

Bongo tried to laugh it off in front of the father who told in a voice that smelled like a sports bar at closing time, "You better be funny.  I hate clowns, but my wife thought it'd be great for the brat and his friends."  Then after he staggered back to the sofa and the football game that Bongo had tickets for; but cancelled because he needed the gig to pay for his bet on the game, which from the look of the score board he was going to lose anyway.

The back yard was a bit small with a outdoor spa dominating one side of the yard and the picnic table jockying for postion in the remaining space.  Bongo almost lost it when the mothers all turned around as he entered through the sliding glass door.  It was like he had landed on the set of Desperate Housewives; each mother of a screaming child was like an ad for Vistoria Secret.  He almost stumbled into the small chipping dog that was trying to mate with his leg.

One of the mothers broke from the group and walked over to him. She was well tanned and was wearing a halter top and jeans that seemed painted on. "Hello, I am Brandon's mom." Her voice was almost too cheerful.  "I am soooo glad you could come." She slid in close and whispered seductivly, "I just love clowns." Bongo's mind reved like a formula one racer.  She led him to the other mothers to introduce him and then motion to a spot where he could set up.  He watched her as she moved away, his pulse still running at full tilt and sweat starting to ruin his make-up.

The first act had gone okay, the small dog now trying to mate with his other leg, which the children all seemed to think was better than his act.  Each time he looked up, the mother winked at him and smiled.  This had the effect of making him careless during two of his tricks causing more embarassment. 

Finally it was time for the last trick and he required a volunteer.  Naturally he choose Brandon the birthday boy who was finally coming down from his sugar high and was more receptive to outside stimuli. The trick involved a small vaccum cleaner in a box to keep a ping pong ball afloat.  It was operated by a foot pedal under the table that Bongo could regulate the flow.  All went well until Brandon got curious and stuck his hand into the opening for the vaccum cleaner and got stuck.  This now became a real problem.  First the mother came to help which set Bongo's pulse through the roof, second Brandon was screaming bloody murder and yanking on the table and lastly the little dog got under foot and Bongo had tramped on it's tail.

Bongo thinking fast grabbed the table and opened the side to reset the vaccum to increase the air flow out which helped to loosen the hand.  Once Brandon had been calmed down with more cake and sugar, Bongo started to pack up he reached in a was reseting the vaccum when he was interrupted by the mother.  He quickly flipped he switch, but not to blow air, to suck it in.  He stood up and tried to look as cool as he could.  Her perfume was like soft roses in spring as she leaned in close.  "I am sorry for what happened." she cood.  "I going to give you a little extra for your trouble."  Bongo was almost going to pass out.  Without thinking he stepped down on the pedal to the vaccum cleaner. The mothers halter top vanished into the vaccum cleaner.

Bongo looked at her and said as calm as can be, "I would've taken cash, but this is just as good."

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A party clown gets into trouble at a birthday party.
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