How These Super Successful Business Leaders Supercharge Their Mornings

Do you wake up fatigued and disorganized?



If you are having hard time feeling productiveand getting energized in the morning, it’s the right time to set your morningroutine.


Are you one of them those entrepreneurs whoread emails for the first 30 minutes of their mornings? If yes, then probablyyou need to supercharge your morning.


Because, having a morning routine can set thetone of your entire day while making you feel more productive and energizedthroughout the day.


In short, setting a morning ritual can helpyou stay sane and improve your mental health. There are several successfulleaders, entrepreneurs, project managers, CEOs and business owners who reachednew heights of success because they value a set morning routine.


Let’s find out how these super successfulbusiness leaders power their mornings and get their day go.




The Facebook founder revealed that he gets up8 a.m. in the morning and immediately checks Facebook, Facebook Messenger andWhatsApp on his phone. After getting his morning updates, he works out andusually exercises about three times a week.


He wears the same t-shirt to save time asZuckerberg doesn’t waste his time on small decisions.

And once he's finished his workout, he eatshis breakfast and then digs into whatever he is feeling for that particularday. Zuckerberg constantly thinks about the social media platform and how toconnect the world and serve the world better.




Richard Branson is the founder of the VirginGroup, this English business tycoon reveals he likes to rise early 5 a.m., doessome work out and spends time with his family. In fact, he has always been anearly riser. He describes it as a habit that everyone must work on to maintain.In his 50 years of entrepreneurship, he has learned that getting up early isthe key to achieving so much more in a day, and therefore in your life.


He admits that sleep is extremely valuable forbusy entrepreneurs, and tries to get it whenever possible, especially when heis flying. Richard thinks that starting and running a business is a majorresponsibility. Getting up early gives him more time to get on top of thingsand schedule his day more effectively. Waking up early puts him in a great mindframe before getting started his business operations.




Jack Dorsey is a Twitter Co-Founder, revealsthat he wakes up at 5 a.m. meditate for 30 minutes, then workouts for 7 minutes3 times a week, makes coffee and checks in with his office. He thinks thatbuilding a consistent routine allows a steady state that enables you to be moreproductive when you have to get more things done in less time. Jack sleeps from11pm to 5am, he thinks Blackout shades help great.




Bill Gates starts his day by running ontreadmill for 1 hour in his private gym or sometimes watching educationalvideos or guides as a mental exercise.


He sleeps for seven hours. Though Gates thinksthat stay up all night is fun, but if he has to do something creative, he needs7 hours sleep. Bill Gates can give a speech without having proper sleep, evenhe can do parts of his job, but when it comes to think creatively, Gatesprefers to have 7 hours sleep. 




Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder, usually starts hisday between 7 and 8 am, exercises on his treadmill, reads the morning newspaper,eats breakfast with his family and then heads to the office. Bezos avoidsmorning meetings at work, he tries to avoid being in the office all day.


Here are a few things super successfulentrepreneurs do in the morning:


·         Get up early

·         Drink more waterinstead of coffee

·         Exercise, meditate

·         Work on a high priority project

·         Spend more time with family

·         Networking

·         Write down important things

·         Use a productivity management software to staymore productive

·         Plan and strategize for the day ahead

·         Check inbox

·         Read news


 So,become a morning person! Follow the morning routines of these inspiringentrepreneurs and CEO for a happy and productive start of the day.

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Having a morning routine can set the tone of your entire day. Let’s find out how these super successful business leaders power their mornings and stay productive all day long.