a depth paid
In the birth of our world, These creatures emerged violently, In preparation for heinous deeds, To be carried out viciously. An uproar from the dark pit Like the sound of a billion tornadoes, Quaking the earth from end to end With disturbing alarming tones. The king sat on the throne, Having messengers scamper around him While he issued orders According to a blood thirsty scheme. Thick clouds gather, Lightening bolts appear and dissappear, The sunlight blackened, Putting men in deep dispair. An outflow of music- A never been heard before, Having such melodious charm As to lighten and succor. But only for a moment Until its original purpose achieved- To blind and lead astray, Those who trust and are deceived. From whence cometh this fury? Of what reason is such anger Invested so much to the Fulfillment of a wicked agenda? Now comes the subtleness of a king, Who is neither great nor small, Holding out his golden scepter, So that men would taste its gull. With sweet voice he draws men close, With open arms he gives men all, But one thing he kept from them, The truth that should keep them tall. Off goes the adnihilos From the throne of slavery To fulfill the oath Of bringing men to misery. Here he stands upon the hill With outstretched hands, Claiming ownership of the universe, Its kingdoms and lands. Merry making here and there, Fortunes lost to drunkenness, Passionate pleasures being fulfilled, In extravagance and wantonness. Now is the war, The streets are desolate, The survival of any Isn’t by strength but faith. Bright gory eyes lighting the dark, Silent progressive steps emerging from afar. The wailing of the bruised and maimed- The smell of rotten blood like tar. Hiding behind a wall, Watching our open wounds bleed. Skulls and bones scattered around- Remnants of the dragons feed. The kids around me- Shivering in the cold. Some have lost a limb or more And have lost their old. Maggot crawling up my legs, Heading towards my sore. The stench of my rotten bone- My sacrifice to this war. I assure this kids of safety- A lie from my darkened heart; In hours we’ll all be dead, And our members torn apart. Within the ocean sits mother, Or that’s what she is called. Dozens of maidens surround her, Worshiping her as their lord. Unto these we sold our seed, Through lusting and whoremonging. We could not but cast a second glance, Which has damned us for everlasting. The kids are gone, Smell of fresh blood fills the air. The grunt of the beast from behind- My heart is filled with fear. Didn’t they scream at all? Where could I have been? Was I carried away by the beauty I saw? The same which caused me to sin? Then comes the requiem. From the kings choir; Hmm, a captivating symphony- One everyone would admire. “Come unto me my friends, My lost but stolen ones; Come unto me blind ones, Let us drink and dance.” How close could inferno be? The smell of its smoke fills the air. Or could it be the breath of the dragon, Staring at me from the rare? Oh phosphorus,controller of Venus, You have wiped off paradise, You have crept in cold places, And have devised subtle lies. You have searched diligently, For a companion to share in your pain. You have wept concerning our freedom, Hoping that we loose so that you’ll gain. Oh Hades, why betray thine inhabitants? Through pain have they come to you. As an abode to find rest. But with a spear you pierce them through. On my knees I go, Too weak to stand on one leg, Not that I bow to you, Neither am I here to beg. Black creatures gliding in the sky, Too far to know what they really are; Four-footed beasts staring from the dark, Having eyes that twinkles like a star. Candles lights glowing in the dark, An indication that another still lives; But who could possess such boldness As to knowingly alert these thieves. Aren’t these the priests we once knew? Shouldn’t they be hunted at all cost? What price could they have paid? Maybe saving their lives by ensuring that ours is lost. They have chosen dishonor in place of honor; They have chosen slavery in place of freedom; They once gave wise counsel to the confused; oracles of the dark they have now become. Now they drink and laugh at our downfall Taking warmth from the fire place Having maidens sit on their thighs- Whoremonging in our worship place. Oh the river of tears that flow Prompted by my broken heart through weak eyes; As I remember my folly and arrogance Of rejecting love and one free sacrifice. Oh how clearly I can now see; How they made my body their abode. I see how they took my soul, Making me heartless and cold. The darkness never ends; The daylight will never come- A sign that a government is gone And a new one has come. I remember the unprofitable riots and wars, That caused men, women and children to bleed. A fight for dominance, land and power- An exhibition of strife, hatred and greed. Where are the men of power? Aren’t they lamenting in belly of Hades? Where are the slave masters? Aren’t they also in the belly of Hades? Where are those kings, rulers and masters? Who thought that their throne is a life time abode. Where is their power to command one or the other? Aren’t they in the same place as the children they sold? What is thy duty abaddon? Is it to guard or torture? Is it to ensure severe pain? Or is it for us to suffer sore? Where is the great babylon? She was so beautiful, No one stood against her- She was so powerful. Where are her children? They were properly fed, No one compared to them. Today they lack bread. Finally, I surrender myself, To a battle I cannot win, To him who rules now To this evil being. For I am dead anyway- We have made him ruler anyway, When we harkened to his command- When we sinned and stayed astray.

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