I want to be a king, Not the king who wants to boast with the title attached to his name; Not the king to whom only exercise of power and authority is his aim; Not the king whose work is only meant to bring him fame; Not the king who will blame others but himself will he not blame. I want to be a king, The kind of king whose heart is broken when his people are in pain; The king of king who considers the comfort of his people as great pain; The kind of king who will ensure that his people are never slain; The king who will encourage love among his people but hate he will restrain. I want to be a king, Whose interest is to search diligently to find something vital to do in a man’s life; A kind of king who will fight immorality and would not desire another man’s wife; A kind of king who will encourage peace among his people by authorizing that they put away strife; A king who could deprive himself of comfort if it means providing his people with a standard life. I want to be a king, The kind of king whose desire is not to be served but to serve; The king who will not withhold the wage of the poor but pay every man exactly what he deserves; The king who would rather die than see others starve; The king who will not divert or misuse the funds in his nation’s reserve. I want to be that king, Who will win the trust of his people only by being trustworthy; Who will place the interest and livelihood of his people firstly That king who will always represent his people by acting and speaking justly; The king who for the sake of the innocent, bring to judgement the guilty.

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